Coleman 1-gallon insulated jug, at Walmart

Discussion in 'Functional Gear & Equipment' started by natshare, Feb 28, 2017.

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    Some of you might remember a question I posed, a while back, concerning how to keep water in my Jeep Wrangler, outside over the winter, with freezing weather conditions. Being a soft top, the interior of the vehicle is virtually uninsulated, so if it's freezing outside, anything inside the Jeep will freeze too.....including bottled water!

    After much consideration, I've decided I'm going to try out a couple of these Coleman 1-gallon jugs, to see if they're as good insulating room temperature water inside from freezing, as they are insulating iced beverages inside, from melting. I figure if I fill one halfway with water, and put it in my chest freezer for a few days, I'll get an answer, one way or the other....and, hopefully, NOT a mess! ;)

    There's other colors available, but for whatever reason, Walmart has these for sale at 1/3 the cost of any other color. (y)
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    This is interesting. I would think as long as you do not have a prolonged cold snap some would always stay thawed. But my question is will it stay fresh?
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    The thermal properties of the container may be decent enough so you do not end up with a solid block over night. I have a feeling they will freeze somewhat after enough time because once the water temperature normalizes with the conditions of the interior of the vehicle, you can get ice if it's cold enough. I use a 5 gallon thick walled water container and fill it to about the 3 gallon mark and most of it remains liquid but I still get chunks of ice. The temp rarely drops below -10F, though (not counting wind chill due to being inside car). I use this for radiator/emergency water for the vehicle, not for human consumption, so I rarely ever change it out.

    Let us know how it works for you!
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    Water that freezes will never taste the same as fresh water, it's character changes .
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    Not being argumentative but would you care to elaborate? And it seems like you are making a either a sweeping generalization or not being specific as to what you are referring to.

    A state change and back of a base molecule will render no change of any kind outside of state. I assure you that distilled water is identical before freezing and after melting unless the water is contaminated during the freezing process, which isn't a freezing issue, it's a container issue.

    I have frozen bottles of Deer Park (and others) that were identical after thawing.

    Complex molecules/compounds, sure. Eggs, cheese, anything that can get freezer burn, yeah. Sealed water, that's not been my experience.
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    Water that Freezers will have much of the Dissolved Air removed when it melts, and that has a lot to do with the taste....
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    Minor update (haven't had a chance to do the freezer test yet...sorry!).

    Got the jug coolers yesterday. Picked up three of them, for the amount that normally would only have gotten me ONE. Got to love that, right? (y)
    Walmart's got a few other things I wanted to stock up on (or grab, that my local store didn't have in stock), so I added a few things to the order. That would be the first photo, below.

    Now I'm starting to wonder, whether has a packing and shipping person who's either:
    a. unimaginative,
    b. stupid, or
    c. bored out of their mind?
    Reason being, what could have easily fit into a 16" cube box (maybe even smaller), they packed into a box that was 20x28x18 inches in size....and then filled the other 60% of the empty box with what's in the second photo! I got home yesterday, saw that enormous box, and was like, "Wait....WTF did I order???" :eek:
    wallyworld order. wallyworld waste. What a f**king incredible waste of resources! And I guarantee, Wallyworld lost their butt, shipping that huge box, to me, for free! :rolleyes:
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