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Discussion in 'Functional Gear & Equipment' started by hot diggity, Oct 1, 2018.

  1. hot diggity

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    Aluminum 9qt percolator.

    Mine is marked Coleman on the bottom, with the only other markings being the approximate cup measures on the outside. There are others that appear identical that are sold under other names, and they may all come form the same manufacturer. I got mine used, and cheap. It isn't as refined as my Corningware percolators, but for camping it will always win over them with light weight and compact design.

    Several online reviews noted that the pump (basket, stem, and cover) are "dead soft" aluminum. Okay. You're not using it to hold up the corner of the picnic table, and it has the advantage of no sharp edges as found on stainless steel pumps. It's a rather shallow and wide design for a basket, but if you wet it before adding the grounds, it doesn't seen to put too many in the bottom of the pot.
    Some, but this is a compact, lightweight, camping percolator, and camp coffee is best with some grounds in it. :)

    The handles are as compact as possible, and will get HOT. Even right off the stove, you can easily pour using the two handles and a couple locally procured hooked branches. (or chicken mitts, if you have them)

    The little percolator works exactly as it was designed, and has no frills. It just makes coffee. Great coffee if you've mastered percolators on your particular heat source, or strong and bitter coffee if you haven't. Practice makes perfect. Unless you squash it or lose pieces, this little percolator will be around long enough for you to learn how to brew the perfect cup of camp coffee.
  2. Motomom34

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    Agreed. It is very soft and can be easily bent. That is one thing I noticed with mine. But as long the pump is stored in the pot like it should be then all should be fine. I bought two used and I looked to see if things had been bent before purchase. I like your percolator, nice handle. Mine are made for the stove with black handles but yours is nice for camping and hiking
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  3. OldDude49

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    heard it said that one should not use aluminum or copper for cooking?

    something about transfer of material from the pot/kettle/etc... to the stuff your cooking
  4. Seawolf1090

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    I have my parents' old aluminum percolator. It was for "emergencies", like when the Mr. Coffee failed. My parents drank coffee the day long. Had to keep it going.
    A Mr. Coffee lasted maybe a year at best. Me, I still have one that is twenty years old and still works. But I keep the old pot as a fallback too.
    As long as I can make fire, I can enjoy coffee.
  5. hot diggity

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    Migration of aluminum from food contact materials to food—a health risk for consumers? Part II of III: migration of aluminum from drinking bottles and moka pots made of aluminum to beverages

    Additional human inner aluminum exposure through the proper use of aluminum moka pots is negligible. Even under the worst-case scenario of washing the moka pots in a dishwasher, the uptake amounts to only 4% of TWI. The manufacturers expressly warn not to clean the aluminum moka pots in the dishwasher.

    Moka pot is a slightly different design, but still brews coffee in an aluminum pot. This pot is a camping percolator, which will see occasional use and any reheating of coffee after it has cooled is done in a stainless steel coffee cup, or sauce pan. For this use, it's ideal.
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  6. Oddcaliber

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    I got a stainless Steel Texsport purchased at Cabals in,ah what century are we in now?
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