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    I have been talking with one of my NCOs and have been browsing on sites such as this one and others and I keep seeing people admit the importance of checklists and how they reference them in numerous posts so I am trying to compile a "book of check lists". Basically the idea is to get a collection of checklists to make it easier to plan for activities at hand. Once I find enough lists going through old posts and hopefully the lists that you guys use for your activities whether it is going camping, going to the office, preparing your bob, going to on deployment or to be honest anything and everything I will make a word document and a sortable excel file which I will share with whoever wants it to ease their preparation process. What check lists do you guys use? Thanks in advance for your help
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    Well that is an excellent list GrandpaDave. I am making 100 copies and sending them to work. :)
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    im gonna print off a few of those, thanks gramps
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