College Student Suspended for refusal to Stomp on the word Jesus.

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    This so caller Proffessor should be fired at the very least.
    College Student Suspended For Refusal to Stomp on the Word “Jesus”

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    Let this excerpt from a Miami CBS affiliate provide you with the essence of academia:
    “Ryan Rotella, a junior from Coral Springs, said the incident began when his professor, Dr. Deandre Poole, asked students in the class to write the word ‘Jesus’ on a piece of paper, fold it up, and step on it.”​
    In case you have the, er, nuanced brain of a liberal, the subtle implication of this educational assignment is that Jesus is worthless.
    The student is a Mormon, and being that Mormons and other followers of Jesus Christ have this weird religious respect for the Man-God Who saved them from eternal damnation, he refused to participate in the activity; that is, he refused to permit himself to be used as a tool with which the teacher could express his own personal animus towards Christianity.
    It can be safely assumed that the teacher, Dr. Poole, is either an atheist, a liberal, an liberal atheist, or a Satanist, because, when the student refused, Poole hissed and backed into a corner, boils erupting all over his skin, shouting, “Out! Out! You’re suspended! Get out!”
    At least that’s how I imagine it. Rotella was suspended, though, and something tells me it had nothing to do with his refusal to step on garbage for a pretentious teacher who thinks his lesson is about to blow everybody’s mind, and everything to do with his ability to think independently and resist the teacher’s coercive powers of indoctrination.
    Hey, as long as this school, Florida Atlantic University, receives zero federal funding, I’m fine with allowing the teacher to preach whatever messages of intolerance and bigotry that he wants. But there’s no argument that can be made to convince a level-headed, fair-minded person that colleges are not a hotbed of liberal teaching and anti-Christian fascism.
    I don’t know, maybe it’s not so big a deal. I mean, President Obama made clear in 2008, so that we didn’t get any wrong ideas about him, that he believes we are not, repeat, not a Christian nation, and how could we be so backwards as to believe otherwise?
    Nah, I still say good for Ryan Rotella for standing up to a fascist teacher and not abandoning his convictions.
    When Dr. Poole goes home at night, he can no longer look into the mirror and bellow triumphantly, “Sieg Heil!”

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    Some Mormons are fiercely tied to their Religion, and this fellow, obviously, is one of that type. I would say "Good for Him" As far as I am concerned, Herr Professor Dr. Poole needs to stay in Florida, because if he ever crosses my path, He just might be picking himself up off the floor, minus a few Teeth. It would be worth the GaryBar Hotel time, to this Believer, in Christ, Jesus. ...... YMMV....
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    It seems that the student's description of what took place, and what the university claims took place, are at odds.

    An updated report of this incident includes a rebuttal from the university, in which they state:
    "Contrary to some media reports, no students were forced to take part in the exercise ......... we can confirm that no student has been expelled, suspended or disciplined by the University as a result of any activity that took place during this class… "

    UPDATE II: College Student Reportedly Suspended After Refusing to Step on ‘Jesus’ | Mediaite

    I took a college class in which a similar incident took place, except using an American flag. The idea of the the exercise involving the flag, as well as the exercise involving the name Jesus written on a piece of paper, was to pull people out of their insular world and to demonstrate what power symbols have to ourselves and others. Many of the same people who would become outraged at being asked to step on the name "Jesus" would happily do a tap dance on the name "Mohammed." The exercise illustrates that while you yourself may not share the reverence that another culture has for a particular idea or person, you shouldn't unnecessarily stomp on their beliefs.

    I'm not necessarily defending the exercise conducted by the professor; but I think it's a mistake to take the student's word at face value without listening to both sides. I personally think that the exercise is tasteless, and I'm sure that it could have been handled better by both the professor and the offended student. I don't think that you have to hit someone with a hammer in order to teach them that it will hurt to do so.

    I also think it is a mistake to politicize the incident. The professor's presumed political leanings have nothing to do with the incident. "Liberals" are not necessarily all godless communists, and "Conservatives" are not necessarily all pious, god fearing, Christians.

    And, frankly, institutions of higher learning are places where you should find yourself out of your comfort zone. It is a place to broaden your mind, not a place to shutter yourself away within your set of beliefs about the world. You can do that at home. You should feel challenged, academically and culturally. If you're not occasionally offended by what you see and hear, you should get out more.
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    Like I stated, above, I would be more than happy to "Broaden" the Herr Professor's Mind, if he should cross my path.....
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    Another "Apology" from the University, was published today. Again, stating that the "Report" of Suspension was a "Misunderstanding" and there would be "NO Suspension" or ANY retribution taken, against the Student. He can continue the class with another Instructor. The Florida Governor, has directed the State University Chancellor, to "Investigate" the whole issue, and Report back to the Governor. The Assignment will NOT be used, AGAIN, and the Textbook will also NOT be used, for that Class, AGAIN. Looks like Herr Professor, stepped on his Crank, with Golf Shoes, BIG Time, on this one..... Couldn't happen to a nicer Guy...... .....
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