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    I did not buy this book on Amazon and I paid too much for it.

    First, let me say, if you have not read this book but plan to, don't read this comment because I am about to reveal the ending.

    This is an easy, enjoyable read--for the first few dozen pages. I got tired of the
    endless route DJ was taking to his bug out place. However, this is probably an
    honest scenario for those considering bugging out. Don't even consider it. This
    part of the book points out a few things for those wanting to bug out.
    1. The streets and highways are going to be gridlocked.
    2. The route getting there is going to be crowded with some very bad characters.
    3. If you do get to your "hideout" it will probably already be occupied, and maybe
    look like an armed camp keeping you out.
    4. Don't even consider hunting for food. How much wild game do you think is
    out there? There are likely to be many more hunters than hunted, and they could
    be dangerously armed.

    As I got closer to the end of the book I anticipated Robby saving Gabe's life by
    shooting DJ. I expected huge irony. After all Gabe did to help Jane, and she
    did to help him, and, after Gabe teaching Robby how to shoot for the head or eye,
    I expected the irony of Robby saving Gabe's life by shooting DJ in the eye and saving
    Gabe. I would have like a happy ending like that, together with the irony of the shootings.
    I was so disappointed that I didn't even read the epilogue, although I did scan it.

    If you are looking for a book on preparedness this book will do nothing for you. It is
    set in a scenario few people live in--a rural community that will work to save each other.
    This may be possible in a very few places in this country, but is, overall, very unlikely. The
    characters in this book have much that the rest of us do not, including gardens, farm
    animals, etc., including tractors, trucks, and so on.......

    However, this book does illustrate the depraved behavior some human beings may indulge
    in in an emergency situation. I do think DJ illustrates that, and it also illustrates why the
    very largest majority of us must considering sheltering at home in all but the most dire
    circumstances such as a raging fire about to consume their home and neighborhood. To
    prepare for a situation like that people in fire areas, such as southern CA should have a
    friend or relative nearby to go to in an absolute need to evacuate. Bugging out to a
    "hidden" safe house is not viable for most of us. Nothing is "hidden", and even if you
    get there you may be in for a BIG surprise.
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