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    I only use .99999 silver.
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    Here's some additional information, highlights of which state: (1) US silver coins with 10% copper — to improve wear resistance and usability — are OK to use in an SC generator. (2) Foreign silver coins may or may not be safe to use. (2) Silver bars are the purest form of silver to put into an SC generator. (3) Storing a small silver bar (or silver US coin) in contact with certain foods and liquids strongly inhibits the growth of numerous bacteria.

    Silver Colloids: Colloidal Silver Product Reports

    Silver Bars or Coins in the Water? [Archive] - Silver Investor Community Discussion Forums -
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    These are a 5 volt solar panel and 2- one/10th oz silver I keep in my EDC bag for making colloidal silver on demand.
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    On line you can get PPM meters (Parts Per Million)
    I happen to be at an electronics store that had one, I snatched up .
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    I use a fluke 87 meter.

    have read this entire thread and there seems to be some confusion about the quality of CS. This is a partial Cut & Paste from a thread I posted recently on Oz Stoners.

    What is Colloidal Silver Colloidal Silver is simply silver ions and microscopic silver particles produced by electrolysis and suspended in distilled water

    How is it made? Modern Colloidal Silver is made by the process of electrolysis. Basically, electricity is applied to 2 silver wires that are suspended in pure water. The electrical current causes silver ions and microscopic silver particles to be released into the water where they stay in suspension.

    Homemade Quality Is it as good as the commercial stuff? Absolutely! In fact the colloidal silver you make at home with a Constant Current source is probably better than the CS you buy in the shops. Provided you are using good quality silver & distilled water, your home-made CS will almost certainly have a higher ionic PPM, and an equal or higher colloidal PPM. At home you are in control of the process so you know what's happening. Unfortunately some commercially made colloidal silver doesn't get such good care. Commercially bottled colloidal silver is often made using the same process but it is made fast, often at high voltages, and in bulk quantities.

    What's wrong with using tap water? Why can't I use tap water? Won't it just make a mixture of colloidal silver and tap water? No, because as the silver ions are released from the electrodes they will immediately combine with salts, minerals, and other impurites in the tap water to form silver nitrates, chlorides, and other compounds.

    Design Criteria To get the best results you need 99.9% pure silver wire, easily bought of EBAY. the guage of the wire is not important. As already mentioned you must use Distilled Water. The problem with just using a 9 Volt battery and connecting it to the Silver Wires is the Current will rise as more silver Ions get into the water. The problem with that is, the Silver particle size also increases and it becomes difficult to get enough PPM of silver in the Solution. To get around this problem you need to make the power supply constant current. I have designed an adjustable Temperature compensated constant current circuit and set it to the ideal current 1MA. I use a FLUKE 87 Meter to check
    the current. I use my variable 3 to 33 volt power supply from home & connect to my homemade Current limiter

    Measuring the parts per million All TDS meters are factory calibrated to provide an estimated PPM for the most common dissolved ion sodium chloride (salt), not colloidal silver. But salt is about twice as conductive as silver ions, so when using a TDS meter to estimate the ionic PPM of COLLOIDAL SILVER the recommended practice is to multiply the reading on the meter by 2 to 2.5 times because it has actually taken at least twice as many silver ions to reach the level of conductivity indicated on the meter. So, for example, if the TDS meter says 6 then your actual ionic silver PPM is probably between 12 to 15 ppm. ALL TDS METERS work as described here! So if anyone tells you you can simply read a colloidal silver strength directly off the dial of a TDS meter they don't know what they are talking about.
    The saturation point of dissolved silver in pure water is usually about 20 to 30 ppm. (It varies with water quality and temperature). Above this saturation point the ionic silver combines to form solid particles that are not measurable by the meter. This means that no matter how long you continue to run the generator, the meter will usually not indicate an ionic silver ppm higher than about 20 to 30 ppm
    . Basically you want at least 20 PPM of CS (10ppm indicated by TDS Meter) preferably 30 PPM of CS.

    Storage The solution after manufacture should be stored at Room Temperature and away from direct sunlight.

    My Temperature Compensated Variable Constant Current Circuit. The 200 ohm variable Potentiometer sets the Current, set in the middle of the range at 100 ohms is more than good enough to regulate at 1 MA.
    100 OHMS is not a preferred resistor value so that's why I have used a Potentiometer. This gets a bit technical but I use my FLUKE 87 multimeter to measure the current and then adjust the pot to get 1Ma

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    I knew there was a thread on this but I couldn't find it. Can you link it @HK_User ?

    I got lost at fluke meter but will do some studying when I get some time this weekend. I'm not too great at electronics outside of phones computers and routers
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    Fluke 87 is a meter you can use, others will work as well if they can accurately read MA.

    Link is about others use for plants but will work for humans too. Main things is to have a starter mix and not go over board and make gray slush.

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    I use mine in a spray bottle for wounds on cattle, now if it was for sheep I'd just shoot them.
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    Seems like there should be a chart somewhere that relates conductivity to ppm of Ag. There are a lot of conductivity meters out there for WAY less coin of the realm than a Fluke or Simpson. No need for milliamp readings that way.
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    The drawing shows that the fluke or other analogue meter would work to calibrate.

    1 Ma is the clue and a solid program on making each batch.
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    bumb this thread is worth reviewing this time of year
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    I use @Brokor 's tip on washing fresh veggies in colloidal silver and then store it in a big plastic container in the fridge with paper towels on the bottom. I can get a large bag of spinach to last up to 4 weeks. this is 2 weeks longer than I could before using the C.Silver in the wash water.

    I did the same thing with asparagus and celery. With these I put a inch of water in the bottom of a quart jar and store them upright in the fridge, I get an extra 10 days storage in the fridge this way.
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    I've gone back to regular daily use .... anyone else?
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    Silver is cheap right now.
    A one troy ounce bar which is 99.999% pure should make quite a lot.
    $18 should be enough to buy a bar and pay for shipping.
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    I have been making my own hand sanitizer (colloidial silver ) better then purel or any other product because ,
    Once the water evaporates the silver remains, Alcohol kills skin and EVAPORATES MAKING ONE MORE VULNERABLE
    I put it on my hands and then on my face and beard.
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    I've started making my own as well.

    I use it to provide an antimicrobial layer on my hands, face, and workstation in the hospital. I reapply every time I was my hands and face (which is often).

    I spray the bottom of my shoes after walking down the COVID wards when I do my inspections.

    I even shoot a couple of blasts up each nostril once a day with a fine mist sprayer.

    I ingest about a half tsp in water daily. Swishing it around seems to have made all my plaque and gingivitis go away after a month of this. I probably won't keep doing this after the crisis is over because I don't want to be blue. However, I'd rather the colloidial silver turn me into Papa Smurf than Corona turn me blue in the morgue of this plague hospital.

    There's some indication online of feeling sick after the initial dose and not anymore issues. After my first dose I spent all day feeling like a badger was clawing its way out of my belly like the tiny monster from Aliens. It passed and I've had no more issues.

    This may all be circumstancial and hooey but I'm giving it a shot.
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    If you are taking it internally, remember to add a probiotic to your digestion from time to time as Colloidal silver does kill all bacteria good and bad.
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