Colonial Gunsmithing.

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by VisuTrac, Feb 11, 2015.

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    Very cool to watch.:cool:
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    Inspirational! A skill set far beyond any I possess!!
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    A real example of words like Artist, Craftsman, Master. 300 hours of painstaking beautiful work in wood, metals, and chemicals. The heating of the stock's finish to make that gorgeous red color was something to see. In 1957 I started a 4 year course in electronics. Our first lab project blew our neophyte minds. We were given a file, a square, and an irregular piece of sheet steel about 1/8" thickness. We were to make a 3" square. Many abortive attempts made it into the trash barrel. It is a shame that students today are not exposed to these skills.
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    The Gun Smith Shop at Williamsburg is a great thing to watch. We took a herd of Boy Scouts on a week trip to the east coast and spent a day at Williamsburg.

    Pictures some place!?

    Also spent 5 days with the Scouts on a Fast Frigate at Norfolk.

    Good times for all and the scouts spent their last day as mess cooks to thank the crew for teaching them a lot about, seamanship, fire fighting and just what it's like to live on board a US Navy vessel.

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    We had to make a piece 4"x3"x 1" out of hot rolled. Only tools were the same as yours. The oversize blanks were flame cut from plate by the instructor. All work was checked on a granite inspection table. We were allowed +- 5 thou. After we passed that then they allowed us to actually touch a bridgeport..;)
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