Color-coded Med Kits

Discussion in 'Survival Medicine' started by CATO, Aug 2, 2012.

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    I organize all my supplies and bug out bag by color and compartmentalize everything. As for the med kit, not so much. It's a good idea if one has a medical bag to hold everything in the world, but for a multi-use kit like an IFAK or something, it's kinda irrelevant. My OCD self tells me I imagine I will be sorting my home medical kit by color now, though. Thanks for that.
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    I remember my critical supplies for triage and emergencies more by position in the alice pack. In a tactical layout, all things for me in this category are at the top of the bag in the main compartment in a separate removable bag as a first aid kit which is prioritized for critical wounds and cuts- treatment, then below that bag- food and so on. I prefer to have the everything else such as spare bandages, gauze and miscellaneous med supplies of a less critical nature lower in the pack but on top of clothing and bedding. Everything is bagged in my packs for preservation, identification of need/application and to allow for flotation if needed to cross streams, rivers and so on.
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