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Discussion in 'Off Grid Living' started by Cheryl, Dec 20, 2015.

  1. Cheryl

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    I am wanting to join an off grid community in Colorado, preferably south of Breckenridge area, but will consider all in Colorado for the simple fact that my family lives in Kansas and I would like to be no more than a days drive away.
    Everything I own fits in one room. I am 51, female and have a lot of life experience.
    Please respond and lets get the ball rolling. Winter does not scare me, nor does hard work.

    Thank You
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    Motomom34 is our Resident Monkey in Colorado... Not Sure she is knowledgeable on Off-Grid Communities in CO, Though....
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    Hello @Cheryl

    Welcome to the monkey! So you are looking for an off-grid. There are a few sites that I always give people links to.

    This list is lots of communities. But there are a few that may interest you. They even have a hemp community
    Communities by Country - Fellowship for Intentional Community

    This is a site where you can post an ad or just surf what has been posted
    Prepper Groups

    This is an article and a few places are listed- none are in CO but they may know of one in CO
    Off-the-grid communities: 5 places carving a sustainable path

    Living or going off grid is not easy in CO. I know a guy that is/was trying to get his water source drilled and the county kept denying his well. He built a cabin that will be his permanent home, prime BOL but the county has become involved and is making this difficult.
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  4. Gopherman

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    We looked into the Off Grid Communities pretty extensively, We finally came to the conclusion that it was easier to start your own with a piece of remote property and a few bucks to build. You can network locally but unless you know who your dealing with, it can become SCARY! In a hurry! Be Very Careful, and fully vet who you are dealing with first.
    We have Ministry friends that we joined up with now, we have known them for years, but to go in cold is a very uncertain thing.
    Good Luck!
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