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    The people's representatives have spoken. Time to move.........

    15-round magazine ammo limit gets final OK in Colorado House - The Denver Post

    Now only the signature of Democratic Gov. John Hickenlooper is needed on a bill that bans Coloradans from purchasing ammunition magazines of more than 15 rounds, as lawmakers in the House on Wednesday gave final approval to the measure and shipped it to his desk.
    Amid staunch opposition from Republicans who said the bill is futile and riddled with flaws, the Democrat-controlled House passed the measure on a 34-30 vote .
    Reps. Leroy Garcia of Pueblo, Steve Lebsock of Thornton and Ed Vigil of Fort Garland were the only Democrats to join all Republican lawmakers in opposition.
    Hickenlooper said he would sign the measure if it arrived on his desk.
    "I'm just numb at this moment, to see a bill I've worked hard to pass now enter its final stage on the way to becoming law," said Rep. Rhonda Fields, D-Aurora, who sponsored the legislation. "It's good public policy, and it's going to keep Coloradans safe."
    Lawmakers in the House passed the ammunition magazine limit in February. Wednesday's vote was needed for amendments added by the Senate, which passed it on Monday after several hours of debate.
    Fields said banning magazines of more than 15 rounds will help stop mass shootings like the Aurora theater killings.
    "These magazines should be used in our theaters of war, not our movie theaters," Fields said.
    Republicans, through much of the four-hour debate Wednesday, contested that assessment, arguing the measure will not keep citizens safe and calling it nothing more than feel-good legislation.
    "It does zero to enhance public safety," said House Minority Leader Mark Waller, R-Colorado Springs . "We're saying Coloradans can't own these magazines, but they can still be manufactured here? We can sell these magazines to other states, but hold on, when it comes to owning one the answer is no. It's hypocritical."
    Under House Bill 1224, manufacturers would be required to date each magazine produced in the state after the law goes into effect. Anyone who currently possesses a magazine that holds more than 15 rounds is able to keep it, though if they transfer or sell the magazine, the seller would face a Class 2 misdemeanor charge.
    "There's no confiscation involved," Fields said. "But if you're caught breaking the law, like with everything else, you're going to have to face consequences."
    The House on Wednesday also was set to give a final vote to House Bill 1229, which requires universal gun background checks and passed through the chamber in February. But that item was held up and now heads to a conference committee Thursday where lawmakers will settle lingering issues about language in the bill.
    "Hunting clubs could be required to have patrons all undergo a background check before going out on the hunt," said Rep. Beth McCann, D-Denver, the bill's co-sponsor. "And that's too broad, so we'll look to tighten the language."
    With House Bill 1224 headed to the governor's desk, Colorado joins New York as the first states to pass stricter gun laws after the shooting at an elementary school in Newtown, Conn., ignited the national debate over guns.
    New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg's national gun-control group, Mayors Against Illegal Guns, has waded into the debate over magazine limits and background checks in Colorado by enlisting a handful of local lobbyists. So far the group has spent $9,000 in lobbying efforts but has a $25,000 contract it has yet to pay to the Denver-based firm Headwaters Strategies.
    "It's just tough to see East Coast groups making laws here in Colorado," Waller said.
    Kurtis Lee: 303-954-1655, or

    Use the contact form at Governor John Hickenlooper - Contact the Governor Application to register your disagreement with HB1224 and the other gun bills. Please keep your message brief, polite, and to the point that you oppose HB1224 and all other anti-gun legislation, and urge the governor to VETO these bills.
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    There is a thread on this site that asks why are people so angry on the internet, people like this looney windbag idiot are the reason I am seriously #issed off.
    Yeah, she's numb alright! As it reads, if I have a 30 round mag and my husband uses my gun with that mag, bam! We have broken the law. This is bad public policy and it makes immediate family members criminals if they touch your stuff. Who votes for these people???
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    "There's no confiscation involved," Fields said. "But if you're caught breaking the law, like with everything else, you're going to have to face consequences."

    There's no confiscation? OK. What about finding my estate holding the large mags, who gets to deal with that? (I'm dead, and now you are going to punish me as a felon how for passing my property to my heirs? Sounds like a taking to me, or worse branding them as felons.)

    Unforeseen consequences. Jackwagons can't see past their noses in CAVU conditions. We can't see if that, or any other results were brought up in debate, but I'm betting not.
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    In Colo., gun restrictions bring political peril
    DENVER — Firearms play an outsized role in the hearts of Coloradans. It's a frontier state that adopted Buffalo Bill and Doc Holliday as native sons and where treasured guns are routinely passed from generation to generation.
    So when Colorado's Democratic governor made known that he plans to ratchet back gun rights Wednesday by signing two limits into law, Republicans and gun-rights supporters gasped.
    Then they set to work trying to undo the new laws to limit most ammunition magazines to 15 rounds and to expand required background checks to private and online gun sales.
    At least two ballot petitions had been filed. Some Republicans hinted at lawsuits. More predicted political repercussions for Democrats in a state poised to be first outside the East Coast to put new restrictions on firearms after last year's mass shootings in Aurora and Newtown, Conn.
    Gov. John Hickenlooper says he supports gun rights. But a few months after famously saying the Aurora movie theater shooting couldn't have prevented by gun control, the self-described moderate started explaining how his thinking changed.
    "When you look at what happened in Aurora, a great deal of that damage was from the large magazine on the AR-15 (rifle). I think we need to have that discussion and say, `Where is this appropriate?'" Hickenlooper said in a December interview.
    The governor didn't ask for a magazine limit in his opening address to lawmakers this year, but he asked for expanded background checks.
    "Surely, Second Amendment advocates and gun control supporters can find common ground in support of this proposition: Let's examine our laws and make the changes needed to keep guns out of the hands of dangerous people," Hickenlooper said.
    Lawmakers sent him both, plus a measure to revive fees for gun purchasers needing background checks. Both become effective July 1.
    When Hickenlooper signaled he'd sign them all, reaction was swift. A suburban Denver gun-accessories maker, Magpul Industries, said it would make good on a threat to leave the state.
    "It is disappointing to us that money and a social agenda from outside the state have apparently penetrated the American West," the company said in a statement.
    Republicans were angry and saddened, too. GOP lawmakers have tried and failed to expand gun rights in reaction to the mass shootings. They said Monday that the governor's careful reputation as a moderate compromiser was in danger.
    "If he signs these bills, I have to come to the conclusion that he's more interested in his national prospects than he is his legacy here in Colorado," said Republican Sen. Greg Brophy, who represents a rural part of the state's eastern plains. "These are not moderate. These are extreme, and just really unpopular."
    Other Democratic gun control proposals are pending in the state Legislature but haven't attracted the opposition of the magazine limit and the expanded background checks. Those measures drew thousand to the Capitol to pack legislative hearings, more activists outside regaling lawmakers by honking car horns in protest for hours.
    Gun control bills still pending in the state Legislature include a ban on gun ownership by people accused of domestic-violence crimes and a measure to eliminate online-only safety training for people seeking concealed-weapons permits.
    Two more Democratic gun control bills were withdrawn when they appeared to lack support for passage. Those included a new liability standard for gun owners and sellers, and a ban on concealed weapons on public college campuses.
    Republican gun ideas were hastily rejected earlier this year. Those ideas included expanding gun laws to allow teachers to carry concealed weapons, and a failed attempt to require armed security guards at businesses that ban concealed weapons.
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    Mar 19, 2013, 6:27am MDT
    Magpul preparing to leave Colorado

    Staff Denver Business Journal
    Magpul Industries Inc. of Boulder intends to "start out transition out of the state almost immediately" after Gov. John Hickenlooper signs into law a measure limiting the number of rounds allowed in magazines, KMGH-TV reports.
    The governor is expected to sign House Bill 1224 on Wednesday. The bill restricts to 15 the number of rounds a magazine can hold. But Magpul Industries makes 30-round magazines. The company's website said Magpul Industries has sold millions of its polymer magazines, or "PMAGs."
    Magpul Industries posted a lengthy note on its Facebook page in which the company said it expects the first PMAGs to be made outside of Colorado within 30 days of Hickenlooper signing the bill.
    "We will likely become a multi-state operation as a result of this move, and not all locations have been selected," the company posted on Facebook. "We have made some initial contacts and evaluated a list of new potential locations for additional manufacturing and the new company headquarters, and we will begin talks with various state representatives in earnest if the Governor indeed signs this legislation. Although we are agile for a company of our size, it is still a significant footprint, and we will perform this move in a manner that is best for the company and our employees."
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    So Hicky is going to sign three of the bills tomorrow. He is scared so he will sign them then hold a press conference. No public signing on the gun bills, what a chicken shit. But he will be signing another bill this week.
    This one is near and dear to his heart. I recall him crying at a press conference because his gay friends couldn't get married (His words, not mine).

    Here is the issue with the mag ban bill. It is so badly written that I can be committing a crime by handing a magazine to my husband. If the magazine is yours and anyone else touches it.... that is against the law. I thought this was an interesting write up. Mag Ban: A Range Officer’s Safety Perspective | Complete Colorado - Page Two

    BTW- just sent another letter to the gov. basically wasting my time but I refuse to give up. Hicky is up for re-election in 2014 could that be correct???
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    An up-date on Kolorado.

    We have two recall elections that are a result of these new gun laws, moving forward. I am truly hoping the people in these districts pull together and remove Morse & Giron. These two showed blatent disregard for the people in their district. Giron even boycotted a townhall meeting when she saw the crowd.
    Colorado sets recall elections for two pro-gun control lawmakers – CNN Political Ticker - Blogs

    Poor Boulder- your feel good gun buy back just isn't legal.
    Organizers cancel Boulder gun buyback at request of sheriff - Boulder Daily Camera
    No exceptions to the new law. All must go through a background check and that means you Boulder!

    This weekend Put It To the People will be holding an event and petitions for putting issues on the ballot will kick off. I guess my weekends will be spent in front of the supermarket collecting signatures.
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    FWIW, the only thing the Gay Marriage bill will do is prove that Gays are more unstable in their marriage than they want you to believe. Been noticing the number of breakups from the online hreadlines of the gays married over the last few years. I guess it's not as much fun to be gay and to be married as some believed.
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    Well, I guess they can follow Magpul to a friendlier state. Or go someplace else entirely, like Kommiland.
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