Columbus did NOT discover America...neither did the people who lived here

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    History rewrites itself right before your eyes.

    CAIR chief claims Muslims discovered America first | The Daily Caller

    Muslims discovered the Americas long before Columbus sailed the ocean blue in 1492, the head of a D.C.-based jihad-linked Islamic lobbying group told a Saudi TV station Dec. 27.
    “There are historical accounts according to which the Muslims preceded Columbus, who is said to have discovered the U.S.,” claimed Nihad Awad, the co-founder of the Council on American Islamic Relations.
    “Some documents and accounts indicate that Muslim seafarers were the first to reach the U.S., [so] the bottom line is that Islam played a part in the establishment and development of the U.S.,” Awad told the Saudi interviewer, in an interview in a New York studio.
    CAIR did not respond to The Daily Caller’s request for an explanation of Awad’s comments, which were recorded by the Middle East Media Research Institute.
    Awad’s group bills itself as a “civil rights” group, but five of its former employees have been jailed or deported for terror offenses, and FBI officials refuse to meet Awad because of his ties to jihadi groups, such as Hamas.
    Awad’s claim was made during an interview in which he argued that Muslims can settle in the U.S. without violating Islam’s myriad Sharia rules about religion, diet, speech, friendships, work and political loyalty.
    “Islam flourishes in an atmosphere of freedom, and [it] spreads freedom, justice, and equality,” he claimed. “Every day I live as an American-Muslim citizen, I rediscover the firm bonds (he's speaking about the neck here) between the humane system that the U.S. created for its people, and the values advocated by Islam,” he claimed.
    However, Islam’s Sharia laws curb religious freedom, speech, and political activism, and also subordinate non-Muslims and women to orthodox Muslim men. Sharia is enforced in Saudi Arabia, Iran, much of Afghanistan and increasingly in Egypt, Turkey, Tunisia and Libya, all of which were recently governed by secular laws.
    Awad’s claim is part of a broader campaign by Islamist groups to encourage Muslims to settle in the United States and Europe. From 610 to 632, Islam’s founder, Mohammad, reputedly urged his followers to spread Islam by both conquest and emigration.

    In the same TV interview, Awad told his viewers that he had talked with U.S. government officials about a convicted jihadi, Aafia Siddiqui, who is considered a heroine by ardent Islamists.
    “I personally intervened in this case, without talking about it in the media,” he said. “I can reassure the brothers and sisters who called this show that I have personally dealt with this case on a high level in the U.S., and even in diplomatic circles,” he claimed.
    Siddiqui is a Pakistan-born, U.S.-educated scientist who was arrested in Afghanistan in 2008, and then tried to shoot a U.S. guard. In 2010, she was sentenced to 86 years in jail for two counts of attempted murder.
    Siddiqui is one of the relatively few female jihadis in jail. Many of the female terrorists have carried suicide bombs to targets, sometime under severe pressure from jihadis. During her trial in 2010, Siddiqui asked that Jewish lawyers and jurors be excluded.
    “In the coming weeks, we will dedicate more attention to her. We will follow the case, and see what we can do,” Awad told the viewers.
    Also, Awad told his interviewer that he and his Islamist allies had provided half of the United States’ public libraries with books showing their description of Islam.
    “After 9/11, we saw great interest among the American public in becoming better acquainted with Islam by studying and reading about it,” he said. “Very few books on Islam were available in the public libraries …. [and] most of these books were misleading or anti-Islamic.”
    “We decided to publish several books on Islam … [and] decided to send them free-of-charge to the American public libraries. (propaganda) … We managed to provide this collection, free-of-charge, to half of the [16,200 U.S.] libraries.”
    Awad’s statement that Muslims discovered the Americas is one of many unsupported claims of Muslim accomplishment prior to the European capture of Egypt in 1798.
    The claims say that Muslims were the first to fly (magic carpet) and to invent the compass, as well as the first to develop technologies that were fundamental to computers, cameras and the Industrial Revolution.
    In 2009, President Barack Obama repeated the claim that Muslims invented the compass in his “New Beginning” speech in Cairo, Egypt.

    “It was innovation in Muslim communities that developed the order of algebra; our magnetic compass and tools of navigation; our mastery of pens and printing; our understanding of how disease spreads and how it can be healed,” he claimed.
    Many of these claims are also being touted in the United States by a traveling exhibit, titled “1001 Inventions: Discover the Golden Age of Muslim Civilization.”
    “Scholars of many faiths built on the ancient knowledge of the Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Persians, and others, making breakthroughs that paved the way for the Renaissance,” says introductory text to the “1001 inventions” show.
    In fact, individual Muslims developed many tools and ideas, but Islamic imams and Muslim rulers nearly always subordinated secular learning to religious orthodoxy.
    For example, only in 1985 did Saudi Arabia’s chief cleric, Abdulaziz ibn Baz, withdraw his Islamic argument that the Sun orbited around the earth. He changed his view only after a Saudi prince was flown on a U.S. space shuttle.
    In contrast, Christian popes and kings funded European scholars — including the famous astronomer Galileo Galilei — and universities for several hundred years, and eventually birthed the theory and practice of science.

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    THAT OFFENDS ME AND MY PEOPLE--I'm 4/5 native American Indian Cherokee/Seminole and we were not discovered WE were here long before anyone "discovered"us this just another reason to hate the muslim camel riders even more. there were around 5 million of us here just look it up if you can find some information that the libtards haven't changed and we didn't need to be discovered. the euro trash came here and stole everything from us but our pride. some day we will rise up and take it all back .I know what you are thinking now -no way no how but we still have pride in our country even when we were "defeated and imprisoned " in places that no one else wanted and to think that the muslims say they discovered America just stop and think do you really think they would have lasted if they had trysted their laws here can you say killed and I'm not saying a easy kill even---- trying to keep it clean here in this forum---- i am so insulted by this news item ---can't say any more-------------------------may the great spirit protect you and yours
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    I wouldn't let it get you too worked up. Guys like this are serial liars . . . they try out a lie and if seems to get some play, they start repeating it hoping it will stick as fact. Not all Muslims like these liars . . . of course, it would help if they spoke out against them.
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    Well, if the muzzies did make it here, the peoples of the Indian Nations kicked their asses before Columbus, The Vikings or the Polynesians showed up, as I don't think there is any evidence of their culture here from antiquity.


    Alas the truth is typically sacrificed after the conflicts because the victors get to write history.
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    I am part Cherokee on my mother's side, and part Blackfoot on my father's side. (Small parts each) Part scot, German, ect. I'm a Hienze57, ;) I believe the phrase you are looking for is "The death of a thousand cuts" and that, only after running the Gauntlet.
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    And there is also the 7400 BC Kennewick Man found on the Columbia River
    Kennewick Man

    Then again, I don't think Muslims are a race - isn't Muslim a religion?
    Iran contains the Caucus Mountains from whence came Caucasians.
    Not all Iranians are Muslim, some Americans are Muslim.
    Kennewick Man was presumably Polynesian - whoops

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    7400 bc in that time i think the middle east was the Persian and Ottoman empires
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    Isn't there a group of Cherokee who think they're Jewish? ...the missing 10 lost tribes or something to that effect?

    VT: maybe that's what happened at Roanoke Island: a band of muzzies showed up and captured everyone. "CROATAN" just meant that they will be back to capture Pontiac next...then someone up and renamed it Detroit.
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    This is just an annoying point to make, but I will mention it anyway. Some folks who write articles today, like the one linked from the Daily Caller above, do not stop to think about the subject matter. When they use the term "U.S." to describe the region in question, it kind of rubs me because 'These United States' were formed from 13 colonies, and "The United States" only started to take shape after the Civil War, while the continent of North America was here long before mankind ever imagined borders. Calling it the "U.S." for such a time frame (discovery) is a mistake. And about discovery, it's not a question of who found what, or who was here first --it's about who's willing to fight and die to maintain the illusion of ownership of mother nature.

    The North American Natives were all but exterminated by European settlers and those who tamed the west --primarily the military might of the State. The natives did not possess a supremacy clause announcing they were here first, they had no claim to ownership and did not need one prior to colonization. Just like everything else, possession is nine-tenths of the issue...provided you have the might to keep it.

    I can already see a new "Trail of Tears" in the future for America if it continues to support open borders and grants amnesty to unregulated illegal immigration as well as political correctness for the enemy known as Islam, which is a form of mind control and a method to inspire revolution by mass murder. And, just like the American Natives to whose proud heritage I also belong, a foreign invasion begins with incremental growth until the point of critical mass, soon followed by violence and bloodshed. It is only after that the victor will be able to write the history books.
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    +1 there were people in North America for a very long time. Kennewick man may have been part of a group or tribe. The Mound Builders predated the Native American population , and many think they were absorbed or conquered by Native Americans.

    I do not see any evidence that Muslims were in the Americas

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    This is so far off my common sense forte that I hesitate to say much of anything. We do however have anthropologists here in the USA who could obviously prove or disprove this so called claim quite well with their knowledge and some DNA keys. Any monkeys well versed in that area want to jump in here? I myself know very little of anthropology and the continent of North America, prior to the 1500's.
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    Archeological evidence seems to indicate a peopling of the Americas by at least 14, 500 years ago; but archeological evidence of hunter/gathers is limited, due to the fact that they left very little behind - some stone points, some rock art, isolated refuse piles. They weren't much into building grand edifices, until the Mississippian culture built their mounds about ten centuries ago.

    DNA evidence, which only became available about ten to fifteen years ago, suggests a much earlier peopling of the Americas - as far back as 35,000 years ago. There are certainly questions remaining, as there will always be, as to whether they came in one wave or three (as linguistic evidence seems to indicate), and as to how many people crossed the Bering Strait; but a lot of questions have been answered by DNA evidence.

    DNA is divided into y-Chromosome DNA (paternal DNA) and mitochondrial DNA (maternal DNA). When DNA is replicated (each time a child is born), every now and then, a copying error, also called a mutation, will occur. This copying error will be forevermore passed on to ones descendents, generation after generation. All of the descendents of a particular individual will share these copying errors, known as Haplotypes. Everyone who shares this Haplotype, is said to be within a particular Haplogroup. Haplogroups are assigned letters.

    Native Americans all fall within five haplogroups (A,B,C,D,X); indicating that five discreet strands of mitochondrial DNA crossed into the Americas. The first four of these can be traced to the Bering Strait area, but the last one - X - is a bit of a mystery.

    DNA consists of sugars and bases. Attached to each sugar is one of the four bases. The four bases found in DNA are Adenine, Cytosine, Guanine, and Thymine, abbreviated A, C, G, and T. Usually, a child's mitochondrial DNA will be an exact replica of its mother. Each position of their DNA would be represented by the same base as their mothers, like:
    001 G
    002 A
    003 C
    004 C
    005 A
    006 C
    007 A
    008 G
    009 G
    010 T

    A mutation would be a change to one of those letters, such as an A vice a T in the 010 position. That change, or mutation, would be forever passed on to that person's descendents.

    The dating of these DNA lineages is accomplished by examining the number of mutations in each one. While the mutations themselves occur relatively randomly, the frequency of those mutations are fairly predictable - allowing an educated guess as to when a particular lineage broke off from its mother line.

    For anyone whose eyes are glassing over by now, have six beers, read it again, and it starts to make perfect sense.

    The map below represents DNA analysts' best attempt to chart mitochondrial DNA migration throughout the history of man.
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    There was a TV show which offered a man crossed the Atlantic when it was frozen during the Ice Age. Supposedly they followed the edge of the ice pack to eat. As I've believed our Native Americans immigrated from Asia over the land bridge forever; the show caught my interest..

    The X factor or if one searches long enough on the Internet a theory will surface. The good news is as the NWO, CIA, KGB etc didn't exist they are off the list. ;)

    Now if Cabrillo a moon bat *.edu, I can't say.. ;)
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    Those are some intriguing links Tikka. Thanks. It's a subject which has always interested me.

    DNA evidence has answered a lot of the questions concerning the peopling of the Americas, that archeology alone had failed to answer, but there are still some mysteries out there, and they may always be mysteries.

    I had seen the theory concerning some Native Americans coming from Europe, via Greenland, along the edges of the ice sheet. That could be the "X-factor." Most of the supporting evidence for that theory seemed to be based on stone points showing up along the east coast, which were identical to points found in France. Until DNA came along, that was about all that the proponents of that theory had going for them. Now, it seems more possible than before.
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    I think the bottom line is that groups of humans did not just 'become' on their own in separate parts of the world. All of us were from 'somewhere else' until our early ancestors decided to migrate. People have to come from somewhere so the only mysteries are how they got to _________ and when they did it. My .02
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    Here are some interesting news blurbs I've read about this issue over the past year. If you don't use Evernote, you should try it out--it organizes the Web for you:

    Native Americans not first inhabitants: Native Americans arrived to find natives already there, fossil poo shows • The Register

    Origins in Africa questioned: Genetic study challenges theory that modern humans came from just one place in Africa | Mail Online

    When people left Africa questioned. Humans around 300k years ago.: When our ancestors left Africa questioned: Health24: Enviro Health : News

    Modern humans around at least 60k years ago (wonder when evil arrived?): Creepy skull find proves Man penetrated Asia 60,000 years ago • The Register

    Perhaps "the evil" variation is new:

    Fars News Agency :: Genetic Diversity Exploded in Recent Millennia
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    You guys need to read a book called "The 7 daughters of Eve". GREAT DNA detective work. In short, it suggests that the mathematical variances in the DNA of Europeans was created by 7 women. You have to read it..
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    Same here, because I was certain all Native Americans were Asiatic in origins; this is similar to learning Columbus was the second mission which followed another which was a secret for hundreds of years.

    It could have just as easily been the X factor was brought to Asia by Europeans heading East as Marco Polo did; then mingling with the Asians to finally crossing the land bridge. Science and archeology can only go so far.

    It could be, yet my "Europeans could have just as easily traveled East instead of West" theory (WAG? LOL) delivers the same genetic results.

    The area of the US is 2,959,064 square miles which is a lot of territory. As they needed the same things, both ancient man and the early settlers settled in similar places; later cities were built so what is underneath will never be found..

    Unless for some reason they dig under the modern city: ;)
    Greek subway dig uncovers ancient Roman site  - NY Daily News

    I could ramble on and on about this subject... As if you didn't guess already.... ;)
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    Perhaps you gents can provide some insight to my quandary: how can the Oriental group all look similar, and their languages sound similar to the average person, but knowing how to speak X-ese doesn't doesn't help you understand any of the others nor is their written language similar.

    I get that they're all separated and could evolve differently over time: China from Japan by a sea an Korea by a large river, but most Germanic/romance languages have similarities.

    Portuguese is another baffler.
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    Thanks, I'll look into it.

    One caveat, I stopped using IE in the 1990s and switched to the Opera browser.

    There was a similar product available for Opera which vanished in the early 2000s. As it vanished so did its support. It wasn't compatible with the latest version of Opera and I lost big time. Fortunately, I always kept the prior version of Opera so I could get the information. However, after years of surfing, there was too much to cut and paste...

    Thanks to Roman Conquest, European languages are Latin based. At my employer's satellite site in Germany, one of the Germans has an affinity for languages. I asked him how; his answer was he said he studied Latin and due to Romans, the majority of European languages have a base in Latin. Personally, I don't know, but it does sound logical.

    Some nations, such as Belgium have two languages. Flemish which is somewhat Dutch based and Walonian is somewhat French based.
    "A French-speaking region of southern Belgium. It was granted limited autonomy in 1980."
    Walonian - definition of Walonian by the Free Online Dictionary, Thesaurus and Encyclopedia.
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