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    I've been a big fan of Ray for a long time. Even a bigger fan after going to his website.

    Here's another good one:

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    I never heard of this guy before...He's good, but too nice and polite for my taste... :D
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    Go to youtube, lots of vids of him there. He's nice & polite for a reason, gets the word out to more people than cursing every 5 seconds.

    Ray Stevens has been in the music industry for a LONG time. Most, if not all, of his hits are comedy songs. Some that I can think of off the top of my head:
    "the streak"
    "ahab the arab"
    "The mississippi squirrel revival"
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    Lol...I saw his stuff on youtube...Cool stuff...has spirit...I liked them
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    Can't forget another of Ray's classics - "Gitarzan!"

    "..and Jane gets right, and the monkey gets tight, and it's outta sight, yeah, it's dynamite! Yay, Gitarzan!" ;)

    Dang - I grew up with ol' Ray...... and I'm in my fifties now! :D
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    I grew up with Ray too, but it was because of my dad. He liked to listen to Ray and collected old 45's. I told my mom if she decides to get rid of my dad's jukebox that I want it and all the 45's (approx 1k of them)
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    [rofllmao]Youngster ... lol[rofllmao]
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    I've always enjoyed

    Good for him! I've always enjoyed Ray Stevens.

    Glad to see he has a clue

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