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Discussion in 'Firearms' started by BAT1, Jul 1, 2011.

  1. BAT1

    BAT1 Cowboys know no fear

    New MBR. Bushmaster .308 16 " barrel. Chrome lined.
    My current 4x12x40 scope on top.
    Bushy AR-10.
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  3. Hispeedal2

    Hispeedal2 Nay Sayer

    Very cool. I have a similar one that was made by Armalite. It was handy, although, it looks nothing like originally did... the beauty of the AR I guess. You can make it anything you want.

    Be sure to post a range report.
  4. ghrit

    ghrit Bad company Administrator Founding Member

    I like flattops. Nice.
  5. Hispeedal2

    Hispeedal2 Nay Sayer

    The 1990s Will Smith-type or the AR variety ;)

    Do you have an optic picked out?
  6. ghrit

    ghrit Bad company Administrator Founding Member

    Are you confusing Will Smith with Arsenio Hall?

    No optic yet, and may not bother. I've had this Fulton for quite a while with only irons. Had a Bushnell red dot that just could NOT hang on for more than 100 rounds without falling off.
  7. Hispeedal2

    Hispeedal2 Nay Sayer

    I was thinking Fresh Prince Will Smith, not I am Legend Will Smith:

    My optic question was for Bat LOL
  8. BAT1

    BAT1 Cowboys know no fear

    Coming Friday.

    Bud's Guns turnaround, three days. It takes DPMS mags. 7.75 lbs and was 1050.00
    A 4x12x40 scope off my other .308 will top it for now. The normal hand guard sucks.
    A re-milled UTG mid length Quadrail will fit 60.00. Got that ordered.
    I shot it today, and wow. 90 rounds, 23 zeroing the the scope in and it was soft on the shoulder.
    2-2.5 inch groups rapid fire. 1-1.5 slow fire, did the barrel break cleaning for the first 25.
    Real happy camper, I definitely recommend this rifle for those hog and deer hunts.
    AR-10 085. AR-10 083.
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