Coming To A School Near You

Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by Mountainman, Feb 28, 2012.

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    That is just Bizzare... But Handguns in Canada are Verboten BigTime... They are doing away with their Long Gun Registration, but keeping the Handgun Regulations. One reason to live in the USA... ..... YMMV....
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    ? I see nothing wrong here...
    Commnada at its finest...
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    This kind of crap is happening here and you always hear, to protect the children, as the justification. I am so tired of hearing that I could puke. The .goob people did not protect me when I was a kid and I'm still here. Nothing against you Bruce, just ranting!
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    Just shared this on every social media possible
  6. sad.... last I checked the Government didn't have any children. Hell they don't even know how to run a country and you think I'm going to let "Them" protect my children? This is one of the reasons I home school my kids... Let them keep thinking they are protecting the children. lol I'm no different then a wild animal when it comes to protecting my young (Gloves off, teeth showing, and bullets soon to follow.)
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    My Canadian friend just pointed to the school shooting in Ohio to a reason why this is ok...are you kidding me!?
  8. Hell if i was prosecuted for half the stuff my kids draw I would be buried under the jail, specially if they were to use there own imagination as i have to figure out what was drawn lol this one comes to mind lol Shovel-Selling Pole Dancer
    as you can see these things could be interpreted very wrong
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    A wrongful arrest suit in the making?

    I was almost going to start my post with saying "Only in America", until I read the text of your post more closely. I think the guy may have a good case for a wrongful arrest suit against the LEOs who arrested him. Mountainman....if you do decide to do any digging....just give your children a heads up not to draw pictuires of you doing it and saying they're of you digging up a non existent cache of explosive charged power tools (why you would bury a nail gun beats me...most people just hang 'em up in their workshop in plain sight)

    Dad goes to jail for 4-year-old daughter
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    Dads in Socalists countries such as the United States and Canada are consiedered "EVIL" and un necessary except for their money.
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