Comm and ID'ing ourselves post SHTF

Discussion in 'Survival Communications' started by CBMS, Jun 25, 2008.

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    Spectrum what?

    Thanks this is a great find I have cheap set that is not secure
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    My neighbor is a Game Warden and they are quite well armed and trained with firearms. I asked why and he said we find the meth labs and pot farms.
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    They are not the only ones. Many hunters have stumbled upon method labs set up in deer blinds, crops hidden on public lands, booby-trapped and even occupied.
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    Our State Fish & Wildlife Troopers (Brown Shirt) are just that, State Troopers.... Their first responsibility is for Fish & Game Law Violations, but out here in the Alaskan Bush, they are also the Troopers that are the First Responders, in any Law Enforcement situation, and have all the Powers of a Regular (BlueShirt) Trooper. All Law Enforcement Powers are HELD, and Delegated by, the only Elected Law Enforcement Officer... Our Governor... The Commissioner of Public Safety, State Attorney General and Adjutant General of the State National Guard, are ALL appointed by the Governor, and confirmed by the State Senate. All Municipal LEOs are given their commissions, and under the Statutory Authority of the Commissioner of Public Safety. No Sheriffs, in Alaska....
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    Not a good place to be, touch or even breathe the air.
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    The things you wish you knew when that knowledge would have mattered..... The company I drive for used Motorola Nextell phones for comms up until we were forced over to Sprint. No longer being useful to the company they got tossed. I had not idea they would still work short range.
  7. arleigh

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    My contingency for ID-ing the unknown is having a house/shelters with in range the visitor may use .
    It's bugged and piped to the security office in the bunker.
    The perimeter shelter, is a buffer zone to prevent the spread of disease as well.
    3 security teams.
    Internal; at base
    external; working the perimeter of the base.
    and extended; working past the perimeter of the base. These border on the scavenging and discovering resources, and acceptable survivors.
    Candidate survivors would be screened by listening and watching their behavior in the shelter, and would need to be sponsored by some one inside, to be allowed to enter the compound .
    Every one that works, get's a days ration .
    Candidates cannot work, and confined to specific areas, and are dependent on their sponsors generosity, till the whole group votes on their acceptance.
    At that it would be under a probationary observation. voting rights would be "an honor earned" from among the whole group.
    Voting rights can be lost by any one if the whole group chooses to with draw them.
    This is just the gist of the program, there is much more.
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