committees of correspondence

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    committees of correspondance

    Rainy day reading for the military tactics and history buff:[gun]:D

    Leaderless Resistance
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    T3 you trying to make it to the top of the list?
    You probably just got flagged by at least 3 different alphabets!taser1

    Louis Beam's "Leaderless Resistance"? A classic in "extremist" literature, and required reading for many orgs.

    This bio of him from the highly respected (cough,gag) SPLC (Spreading Propaganda and Lies Center) website.

    "For three decades now, Louis Beam has been a leader and principal theorist to some of the most frightening people in America.

    He has been a top official of the Ku Klux Klan and the Aryan Nations, a mentor to terrorists who went on to murder, rob and counterfeit, and at the top of the FBI's Ten Most Wanted List.

    He popularized the concept of "leaderless resistance" used by a series of extremist criminals who arguably included Timothy McVeigh.

    He was one of the very first to try to bring extremists into the computer age, and even used his computer skills to popularize an "Aryan" point system for assassination.

    "He's one of a half dozen people who have shaped the white supremacy movement since the Vietnam War," said Leonard Zeskind, a long-time expert on the radical right. "He has been accorded the venerated status of a movement elder."

    Beam, 55, has always been something of a mystery figure, dropping out of sight for months or even years at a time, only to resurface at some key event or venue.

    He shuns public attention, operating instead in a shadowy world where racist ideologues rub shoulders with men who kill, terrorize and steal.
    Nevertheless, largely because his essays are so widely circulated and he is such a hero to so many, it is possible to glean a sense of Louis Beam, one of the very angriest of angry white men."

    A very dangerous man indeed.

    Actually his writings are very informative if you can get past the hype of garbage like SPLC.

    Here are 16 "Rules to Live by" by this "extremist" wacko

    1. In all that you do, consider its benefit or harm to yourself, your children and your people.

    2. All that you do will return to you, sooner or later, for good or ill. Thus strive to always do good unto others or at least strive to be just.

    3. To thine own self be true. Be honest with yourself and with others.

    4. Give your word but sparingly and then move heaven and earth to abide by it once given.

    5. To keep ones head is a virtue, the anger of a moment can play havoc for years.

    6. Know which battles to fight and which to avoid. Live today to fight tomorrow.

    7. Courage and honor endure. Their echoes remain when all else has vanished.

    8. Pledge friendship only to those who are worthy.

    9. Do your best or do nothing.

    10. Love and care for your family always.

    11. Laws of the land are to be obeyed so long as they were chosen with wisdom and the good of the people in mind.

    12. Your children are the promise of the future. Don't break a promise.

    13. Live in harmony as best you can with the natural order of the world.

    14. Seeking wisdom is a virtue. Love truth, honor, courage, and loyalty.

    15. Be prepared for the future. It will be upon you tomorrow.

    16. Embrace life and you will live.

    Yep. pretty radical guy.

    This is my favorite article of his

    For those who are afraid of being "on the list" by going to the website. (actually a fairly real possibility)

    Let's be honest: I don't know many Blacks. But the ones I do know, I like. Good people who work hard and love their families and their fellow man. Different from me, but then, I am different from them.

    This does not stop us from respecting each other—in fact, our differences increase our respect for each other, for though we are very different, we care for many of the same things. I see them as just nice people.

    It's the people I don't know, don't want to know, and would never get near that I don't like. I absolutely despise—and yes, let's be honest—I hate them. They stink, they are without morals, character, or honesty. Evil to the core, they take advantage of others and live by ripping off their fellow man. Without scruples, conniving, heartless, and cold-blooded, murdering manipulators who seek to destroy their fellow man. One other thing: I am talking about Whites here. I am talking about White politicians, multi-national financiers, political hacks, news media prostitutes, leaders of the military-industrial complex and the police state enforcers who gladly kick in the doors of innocent people they wish to destroy, without regard to race, creed or color.

    Let's be honest: You thought I meant Blacks. Why? I will tell you why! Because you are a bigot! You're totally intolerant of me, my religion, and my quest for truth in this life. You are so prejudiced that you could not read to the end of the paragraph to draw your conclusion. You assumed that people I don't like are naturally Black. Your intolerance for those assumed to hold different value systems than yours is so great, so mentally debilitating, so handicapping to your thought process that you convicted me without trial, jury, or reading one complete paragraph.

    One other thing—you have been manipulated by the above White opinion molders. You are a victim just as surely as the woman who is dragged off the street and abused by her kidnappers. Your mind has been raped by vulgar men who want to control you. They have impregnated you with lies, deceit, and false information. You carry the seeds of your own self-destruction within your mind. And most of those who spawned this mental child of hell which interferes with your thinking...are White! Be honest. How many of your opinions were formed by Blacks? Think about it. None, or almost none. It's the bad people I describe above who control you. They control your nation, your bank account, your employment, your personal safety, and your mind. Now the good news, I forgive you. I forgive you—if—you will start thinking for yourself. We can even be friends...

    Let's be honest: I was once like you. I was intolerant of those different than myself. It interfered with my judgment, my reasoning, and my ability to address the real issues faced by mankind. White mankind, Black mankind, all mankind. I had the strength, ability, desire, and courage to free myself from the chains of mental servitude. Do you?

    Let's be honest: There are some evil vicious people out there. They rob, steal, cheat, murder, and destroy the lives of good people. They are White, Black, Yellow, and Brown. They care nothing for you or your cherished beliefs. They simply pass through this world sowing the seeds of evil. They are every bit as heartless as Joseph Stalin who had meat grinders installed in Leboliv prison so his helpless prisoners could be ground up like so much hamburger and sluiced into the sewers of Moscow.

    Let's be honest: These are the people with whom you had better be concerned. We both have much more to fear from corrupt government and "friends of corrupt government" than we do from each other. Aspiring tyrants will ruin your day, your month, and your life. Continue to serve them and they will destroy you and me.

    Let's be honest: The reason I'm writing this essay is that my personal safety depends on you starting to think for yourself. Just as yours depends upon me doing the same. Your failure to break out of the mental mold in which you have been placed is a matter of personal interest to me. If you begin to think for yourself, my family and I will be safer. For each liberated mind that begins to examine all the evidence, to consider all the possibilities, and to fight for justice for all men, is a break in the chains which bind all of us.
    Mankind needs you. Your people, your nation, your decent fellow men of all nations, races, creeds, need you. You are valuable. You are important.

    Let's be honest: Before you began to read this essay you thought you were open-minded. Now you know that you really were not. But if you will grab a hold of honesty and hold it like a precious child in your arms, if you will do that—by the time you finish this essay you will be open minded. You will begin to think for yourself. And you will have began the process of freeing yourself from those who have controlled you all these many years. All that stops you from this point on is your mental supremacist attitude. You think you are smarter then I. You think you're smarter than the guy next door—and smarter than almost everyone else you have met, read about, and talked to.

    Your intolerance has prevented you from considering the consequences of ideas. You see, IDEAS HAVE CONSEQUENCES. And the idea I offer you is that you can make this world a better place in which to live just by being open-minded and thinking for yourself, rather then allowing your opinions to be molded by those who hate me, you and most other men, no matter their race or station in life. Men who are just evil and care nothing for others.

    I am giving you the benefit of the doubt, which is more than you've given me. I am assuming that you are a decent person, honest, and care about people. I am further assuming that you want to improve not just your own lot in this life, but if you had the power to do so, you would improve the lot of others. I assume that you hold no hidden desires to control, manipulate, or harm other people. If this is so, if I am right about you, then we can work together. We—you and I—can both join together to oppose evil wherever we find it. We can work together for the improvement of life on this earth. This is no small reason for cooperating with each other.

    Let's be honest: If you are a good hearted person (and I am assuming that you are just that) I don't care if you are red, white, black, yellow or brown. We can be allies.

    We can combine efforts for the common good. It matters not to me if you have been pre-conditioned to think of yourself as a liberal, a conservative, a left-winger or a right-winger. Because as soon as you start thinking for yourself, you will conclude as I have, that these are nothing but terms used by evil men to divide good men. Good men who are idealistically motivated and burning with a desire to make this world a better place in which to live. Our common foe works to divide and conquer good men. That is their object, labeling is their method.

    Let's be honest: You are concerned about the poisoning of the environment, corruption in government, corporations without hearts, the military-industrial complex, the rights of the individual versus the state, drugs, war, the CIA, hungry people and racism. These are all my concerns. This is my list, not yours. You just happen to be concerned about the same things that I am.

    Let's be honest: I know that you are concerned about White racism, while it is Jewish and Black racism which concern me. But that's just a matter of perspective. Your concern for intolerance is limited to whites. Mine is not limited. You care for the victims of White racism; I care for non-White Palestinians who are daily murdered in the streets of the West Bank, in Palestine. My concern is not limited to one race. Yours probably is. But that should not divide us asunder. It is just a matter of perspective. We both oppose those who would harm racial others without just cause, and we both define this as racism. Come on now, don't be a knee-jerk left-winger, or a reactionary right-winger. Stop and think for yourself a moment.

    It is evil that we oppose. We agree on that. So why must we be divided? Indeed, why? Because in the past, we have allowed those evil ones described in paragraph two of this essay to label, divide, and conquer us. Split us first in two, then three, then four, and so on. They've split us so that none of us with good intentions has any power to do anything worthwhile, meaningful or effective. To hell with the labels. Throw them away!

    Let's be honest: This self righteous attitude you have that you are more concerned about the environment than I am is blatant prejudice. I was raised in the country, with tall pine trees, fresh air, and the smell of freshly turned dirt as the plow made furrows. I love it! I have four children that have the right to fresh air, and food non-chemically poisoned. And you? You most likely live in the city where you have not had a breath of fresh air caress your lungs in years. And because you probably have been taught self-hatred you have no children to love, nourish or care for. Thus your concern for the environment is idealistic, while mine is real as well as idealistic. You want to save the trees; I want to save the children so they can climb the trees. We can work together.

    Let's be honest: Your concern about corruption in government, rip-off corporations and greedy men who rob the helpless and wage war on the helpless, is no greater than mine. Don't even think it! I have fought the corruption and criminal behavior of goons in government for 28 years. I've gone to jail for sedition against the criminal reprobates in government, and had my wife beaten by their hands. I fought a senseless, no-win war where I watched young men die—and die for no good reason. I watched as thousands of other soldiers came home from war and as the result of heartless corporations who produce chemicals to kill, die from Dioxin poisoning, otherwise know as Agent Orange. My feet are numb, I am losing all feeling in my fingers, and my central nervous system is slowly collapsing from the Dioxin which is stored in my liver. Your concern about these things are idealistic and admirable. Mine is life-threatening and based on experience.

    Let's be honest: It is time we put aside the labels that divide men of good intentions and work together for the common good. Why can we not oppose injustice wherever we find it—together? It is time for you, as it is for me, to do some heart-wrenching soul-searching and start freeing yourself from those who hate all mankind, and lust only after money, power and control with their secret and malevolent schemes. My failure, your failure, has been a failure to oppose evil together.

    Let's be honest. Let's think for ourselves.
    Louis Beam October, 1996
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    Yep, all of us are on an alphabet list somewhere, maybe even on one or more of the same lists. Are we a committee of correspondence, or even look like it? I don't think so. Could a leaderless resistance crop up? Yep, I think so. Though fictional, think like John Ross. The problem becomes obvious, few if any of us have the resources to pull off anything like that. Still, the potential for disruption exists in all men's minds, all they need is a reason to use it.
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    I think I will go pull "V for Vendetta" off the shelf a view it again. LOL... well I can dream can't I?
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    1st I hope you know I'm just messin with you T3 buddy. Sometimes my dry sense of humor doesn't come across well in the written form.

    2nd, I think we can learn a couple of lessons here.

    1) The lengths that TPTB, main stream media,.gov, whatever will go to to demonize those who oppose them.

    2) We can learn from those we don't always agree with. In dismissing them because of our perception of them we may be losing out on informative and valuable knowledge.

    I have read several things that LB has written and I don't agree with a lot of his views but I can't deny the wisdom in a lot of his well written and thought out ideas.
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    For my next stupid human trick the complete ted kazinksky manifesto...
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    My copy of "don't shoot(yet)" has a slightly different cover( c 1999)an ex librarybook liberated for(little)cash at the annual sale.[boozingbuddies][boozingbuddies]
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    I am reading enemies foreign and domestic right now... Seems this thread could use a BUMP..
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