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Discussion in 'Financial Cents' started by overbore, Jun 13, 2009.

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    Since I continue to believe that this is a very bad recession - a "Greater Depression," as analyst Doug Casey calls it - I await the final act of monetary denial whereby the governmental propaganda arm, the mainstream media , simply gives up and declares the slump over.
    Green shoots will be "found" ( they will turn out to be poison Ivy )---

    Government, meanwhile, per their normal lying and fraudulent practices, I predict, will continue to fiddle with employment numbers and damp down real inflation data, even while central banks keep producing endless amounts of ever worthless paper money. In such a scenario, the only truth-telling will come from precious metals prices, which will climb, maybe substantially despite the paper thin IMF gold sales which are, IMHO, nothing more than a distraction from the pending pandemic inflations. Gradually and suddenly our currency will go broke and so will those who trust in OhBe ONe Narobi to exercise sound fiscal discipline based upon his vast experience---[rofllmao]
    The new experience level at GM, Two times Zero, is exactly what we have for our fiscal leaders i.e. Banking Queen Barney et al.

    Trust in God and have hard currency--

    Laus Deo

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    While I don't put it in such eloquent words, I have to agree with this big picture. I can't for the life of me come up with a scenario that I feel is going to result from "Quantitative Easing", other than big time inflation. Our money supply has absolutely exploded, and we aren't even close to the end of the "money production" that is required to cover the needs of TARP, ARRA, and the Operating Budget. Not to mention the future plans of health care, etc.

    Can we be taxed out of this scenario? Nope. Can we borrow our way out? Nope, Can we spend our way out? Nope. Can the gov profit enough from the current investments? Nope.

    What I'd really like to find is site or group that tracks real world inflation. I haven't found anything that I can buy into. I'd like it to track gas, food staples, interest rate, money supply, and the velocity of money. It shouldn't be that tough, I just won't take the time to do it myself. Our current CPI and other inflationary indicators are useless.
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