Common Mulien Herb Verbascum_thapsus

Discussion in 'Survival Medicine' started by pearlselby, Jan 12, 2016.

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    I found this growing on the east side of our home. The leaves are like velvet and I knew it was something very special. I took these 3 pictures and sent them to davesgarden website.

    It is apparently a really good medicinal herb.

    Ask-a-Dave's-Gardener: Can anyone Id this plant?

    Verbascum thapsus - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    @Motomom34 one of the uses is eczema.

    My SIL put it out on facebook and got several replies. She called me and named off umpteen uses.
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    We have lots of it here at our place also.
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    A lot here in western Kansas also, I always refer to it as natures toilet paper.

    From the
    "western United States residents commonly refer to mullein as "cowboy toilet paper".
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    I can certainly understand why they call it that. It feels velvety to the touch. Thanks for this information.

    Are you close to Medicine Lodge? I love that town. We visited there on our way to Dodge city one year. We stayed in a little motel (loved it), Went next door for dinner and talked with some old timers. My hubby asked them how long it would take us to get to Dodge City and one very nice gentleman said, "Well, Sir, it depends on how good your horse is." We all had a good laugh and just wonderful time visiting with them.
    I was raised 20 miles from Caney, KS. There are a lot of good memories in Tyro, Kansas where my Grandparents had a gas station.
    I have always loved Kansas.
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    lol thanks @pearlselby its nice to know someone else recognizes mullen's
    'cleansing properties' we had this discussion on the alternative to toilet paper thread but when i mentioned 'mullen' the guys went sideways into poison ivy (and the multiple burdens of wiping with the wrong plant lol) men's brains completely unfathomable
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    Northwest Kansas here. But have a few friends/old roomates from Medicine.
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    In the late 60's we would go up to Salina, the hit 70 and go thru Goodland into Colorado. We loved it. Good people.
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    I love Mullen as I’m a firm believer in herbal medicine and I have several books on wild medicinal herb healing plus what my mother and grandmother taught me ---I say learn what’s around your area and harvest mother earth's bounty you can be healthy using it
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    thanks Ganado will comprise a list and post it here
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    I keep some dried Mullien around for making a tea when I get a cold. Sometime I mix it with Comfrey 50/50.
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