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Discussion in 'Survival Communications' started by avagdu, Sep 27, 2016.

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    I'm looking for something that can double as hearing protection and a communications headset like the MSA Sordin or the Peltor Comtac. I see them used on eBay for a significant reduction over the MSRP. I've heard the genuine ones out of the box don't interface well with radios like the Baofeng UV-5R and either have to be modified themselves or get some kind of special PTT switch but ultimately that's what I'd like to use with it. Apparently some of the replicas do work out of the box with these radios so I'm tempted to try it despite the obvious downsides of using knockoff equipment. What are your recommendations?
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    If you're into a little work, buy a cheap Baofeng microphone and salvage the cord and plug, then mate it with any Aviation headset without active noise cancelling fro Ebay. I have made a few, and while I'm in it I put a momentary NO pushbutton switch from radio shack in the ear piece shell.
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    There are hearing protectors with built in FM radios. I think the ones I have are called Work Tunes. Mine has an 1/8" input jack for plugging in your iPod or smart phone to listen to those thru the hearing protectors instead of the radio. They aren't very expensive, like $40 or so. The sound attenuation level in mine is not great, maybe in the 15db range. You could plug the BaoFung into these.

    The second low cost option I also just happen to have is hearing protectors for shooting. I believe the brand in Impact. They have mics and speakers to allow hearing normal conversation but shut that down when you fire. They also have a 1/8" phone jack for your smart phone or iPod input. Again only like 40-50 bucks.

    I know the Work Tunes don't and I don't think the Impact units have active noise canceling technology (mics capture sound then play it into speakers 180 degrees out of phase to make the sound waves from ambient sound and speakers cancel each other out). However they do provide 15-20 db of sound attenuation which is about what a set of foam earplugs provide. Maybe that is enough for you.


    Edit: here are the shooting muffs I have. Pretty happy with them.
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    I have the Howard Leight Impact Sport muffs now and they have a 3.5mm aux input jack so I could listen to radio communications with a 2.5mm adapter but it doesn't have a way to transmit without using the radio in the traditional way.

    I'm really confused at the different models and price differences in the Peltor Tactical Pro, and it seems like some websites probably don't have the correct photo listed for the product. But this does look good.

    I also like the look of the ham setups, especially for the price like this one. I could always wear ear plugs underneath.

    @Brokor I have a CVC helmet that is already high cut for comms, it works good even with bulky hearing protection too.

    I modified the helmet for other goodies but you can see the pass through in the padding for a comm or ear pro headband if need be.
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    I rolled the dice and got this. If it works for my purpose I'll buy another one.

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    Be very careful with Epay and headsets: there's a high percentage of fraudulent offers for high-value items like that.

    William Warren
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