`community emergency response team"cert"

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Tango3, Dec 8, 2006.

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  2. ghrit

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    dot gov?[soap] Not for me.:mad: We are way better off right here. But we need a mole --[flag]
  3. Tracy

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    The CERT class I've been signed up for (for over a year now) has been cancelled 3... three times. Why? There aren't enough local people who are interested in being prepared and trained. (what?!?!) Our local fire rep and marshall and I have talked extensively about it - and how anyone could NOT want to be prepared to save themselves, let alone their neighbors. Argh!

    G - this is part of the long-awaited follow-up from my train derailment beginning.
  4. ghrit

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    Hey T-mole --. I've been meaning to ask how that was shaking out. Do you suppose the school board and PTA might want to "encourage" some teachers to take the course, with maybe a couple ministers for flavor?
  5. Tango3

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    Aaaaaah, da gubbamint with take care of us....free food and water dropped in by hellicopter....and boats will come get us.
  6. Tracy

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    [notfunny] You'd think so... wouldn't ya?! But Nope! Not even city "leaders" are interested in preparing.:rolleyes:

    I did the legwork, I asked the questions, I know what dangers travel through our town. The transportation guy I met with was more than kind and surprised at my proactive inquiry, as most people don't ask about this until after a tragedy has happened, he told me.

    I'm not waiting for them to come and save me... or even help me, for that matter. Our local emergency services have already told me that they can't. Not enough man-power.

    I will take advantage of the training that they're willing to give me. I will be knowledgeable and prepared. I will save my family (or die trying).

    I'll be your mole. That is, if it stands for Mother with Outstanding Learned Emergency skills. [winkthumb]
  7. duanet

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    Just a line about Emergency Response Training from New Hampshire. They are trying to set it up in our region and I am avoiding it like the plague. The letter wants to know of your skills, needs and resources, so that the comunity can plan on using the "community resource". They ask if in an emergency you could supply a boat, dump truck, front end loader, back hoe, bulldozer, generator, water pump, pick up truck, chain saw, tractor, portable lighting or other __________. Being somewhat prepared I have most of the things, lack the bulldozer, but still looking. Now why in the h+++ would I want to prepare for TSHTF and tell the man just what I have so that he can come and get the "community resource" for the guy with the big house, suv and expensive lifestyle who doesn't even have an extra cold beer in his refrig for a crisis.

    Maybe the only real hope is that they are so screwed up, they won't even be able to figure out what to grab when things go bad. The track record for the disasters that we have had as localized as they were, is dismal to say the least.
  8. Blackjack

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    Duanet.... I would be very hesitant to tell them anything about my resources as well.... BIG RED FLAG. Community resources huh? You're right, they just want to know what they can take from you to benefit the big campaign contributors.
  9. Tango3

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    Yowza,yowza!!! alarm bells...register your chainsaw/fuel /bar oil/ Right there's a great idea!!!!ding ding ding.


    You will dance all winter to the tune you sang in the summer...

    That just burns my bvd's..

    That's all the Mole info I needed thanks...They go on that list( the one with the range in meters measured out on it).
  10. TailorMadeHell

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    Just thoughts I'd post something, to keep up with da joneses. [touchdown]

    They have some emergency training out here, though it is called NERT instead of CERT. I am thinking of looking into their indoctrination, I mean training, when I get back. Always from a snake can you learn a lesson, though you have to make sure that you stay far enough away that they aren't within striking distance.

    Anyone that suggests I be on some kind of list whether it's me or just my property is no friend of mine. I remember a bunch of years back that I worked temporarily as a census taker. Yes, the nosey SOBs that come to your house with that form that wants to know everything, including what size your kidneys are. 'But it's for the greater good of the nation and your local community so that they can get funding from the country to run their programs.'

    I didn't mind when people wouldn't answer those 'too pointed' questions. If you told me more than your name I considered it a job done. There was definitely some privacy invaded with that, and many a time I didn't even fill out some of the stuff they asked us for. I'd just mark it later as someone was unable to come up with the answer. I'm sure they handed it back to others to find what I could not, though my part was over.

    If anyone wants to know, in case of emergency I have a snickers bar and a can of soda that will hold me until they come to help me out. As far as asetts, I have an electric coffee pot. Do they need that for helping people? Haha.

    I will take any lessons that I can get and they can add me to their lists of people who are knowledgeable about disasters, though I will not hand over equipment or anything of the like to help out those that did not help themselves when they could have. I will personally assist in the saving of some individuals that cannot help themselves, that is who I am, however I will not be Forced into helping anyone especially the rich who sat on their pampered butts or the gang bangers that would take it from me as soon as I helped them.

    I'll take your lessons and help where I feel the need, though if it gets too hairy I'm like that car, I'm audi. I'm even thinking of trying to get certified as a HAMmy. I know it could come in handy, I just don't know when I'll have the time and it will definitely be like going to school as I have no clue where to begin. Haha.

    'Would you like to get lessons in disaster relief operations so you can help out your community in such a tragedy?' YES

    'Would you sacrifice your possessions to the greater good of the community, especially those that did nothing to earn any help such as the rich and drug dealers?' HELLS NAH

    Nuff said. And this has been a 'You ain't taken what I worked so hard to get just so you can give it to some pompous POS that doesn't like 'poor people' anyways' thought. Enjoy. [touchdown]
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    hehe, I love this place.

  12. TailorMadeHell

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    Well you know I just thought of something. If you don't speak your mind, in time you may speak the Party line.

    Another one that fits, 'If you don't stand for something, you will fall for everything' I don't know if I quoted it right, though you get the idea.

    The only ones that sit there with closed mouths and blinded eyes are the sheeple. The rest of us have brains and know how to use them.
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