Second Amendment Compliance?? You mean "defiance!"

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    Interesting thesis: the .gov must ban before the dollar goes to zero to lessen the impact of the ensuing civil unrest (read: govt. lynch mobs).

    TL In Exile: Do Not Comply

    Tuesday, January 29, 2013

    Do Not Comply

    It is sickening to travel the supposed Second Amendment sites and realize they are embroiled in discussions on how to comply with the upcoming laws banning assault weapons and high capacity clips. Comply? These sites should be alive with plans to defy and nullify these laws, not through some silly strategy of registering some guns and not others; not through selling these weapons in other states to get a good price while prices are up. Are they insane?

    From the Revolution on down we have fought wars against the same people: tyrants. We have sent our young men into butcher mills in Europe to protect the British, to free the French, to conquer Hitler. For what? To merely roll over when our own despot arises on a popular platform with propagandists singing hymns to collectivism? Elections don't matter when the overall purpose of the government, run by whomever, is to alienate not just yourselves from your rights, but all subsequent generations from theirs.

    The United States Government, no matter who has been at the top, or which party has controlled congress, has not paused even a second while reducing our children to abject future poverty, burdened from birth by enormous debt; to effectively enslave them to the government or even to a foreign government. What makes you think they are not interested in bankrupting not only their finances, but their society?

    Comply? Are you seriously taking a look at the modern landscape, where the government rolls on unabated in the destruction of every aspect of freedom and are not alarmed? You seriously are not planning your resistance; are not lying in wait for that one final defilement that causes you to flash?

    God, save us from our allies!

    Look, just give your weapons to someone who will use them to defend the rights all of us have. Do not turn them over or register them with the government, give them away to local militias, to strong liberty groups who understand what is at play here. We are at the precipice of absolute subjection to government authority.

    It is not our choice to fight this fight, just as it was not the choice of the children of other generations to fight in the American Revolution, the War of 1812, the French and Indian Wars, the Civil War, the wars on the frontier, the World Wars, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan. It is not our choice, it is our duty. And, while some might pick and choose which wars were legitimate and which were not, let me emphatically point out that this one is more legitimate than all others, because it is the very survival of our society, of our nation that is at stake.

    America has always stood out as a nation where one might rise above poverty; one might exercise control over government; one might sleep at night unafraid of the knock on the door; unafraid of a policemen on the street; unafraid of military columns traveling down the highway; unafraid of a judge or a court. What has become of that America? If it was ever worth fighting for it is now.

    Systematically, over generations, the government has exerted more and more power; reached into more and more aspects of our personal, private lives and all with the consent of those we sent to Washington to represent us. We have had elections upon elections to try and get rid of the scoundrels, but the scoundrels are the only ones with the power to get elected. We now know that there is no one we can send who will not be corrupted by the power and prestige of government; who will not come to lust over the power to control the people. They just don't make them strong enough anymore.

    What we are dealing with here is not mere legislation, a law here or there to try and find some answers to social problems. These laws being passed now are to the direct detriment of the Constitution, to diminish it and along with it any protections the people themselves have against the power of political office. They are laws to insulate government officials from the people and if we are not liberal enough to pass these laws, they will allow the immigration of people more liberal than us to do it. They will pass election laws, or rather prevent election laws that will prevent these immigrants from voting until establishing citizenship.

    They will have their way with us, legally or illegally.

    Our only chance, the last option left to us who seek laws that are solid and available to all of us; the sanctity of a Right; the sanctity of privacy; of self-determination; of liberty is to stand tall now and use the Second Amendment while it still has a few supporters and challenge the power of government over the people.

    The government has declared its intent to disarm us. They have to do it. They have to do it soon, because they have to crash the dollar in order to re-arrange the finances of this nation. Everyone understands that the borrowing cannot continue, that services have to be eliminated. There are too many people reliant on the government for survival to somehow provide for all of the pensions, all of the Social Security payments, all of the welfare checks, provide for all of the health care they have promised us. They know they can't live up to the promises, so before they start breaking these promises, they have to make sure we cannot react with firearms to the intolerable abuses they know they have to inflict.

    To give up on our ability to fight back against tyranny is only to hasten the worst they have to offer. The reason there is no one we can send to Congress who will stand up for us is because they know that when the government has to own up to its impossible situation, they will likely be targets of the citizen ire that is bound to mount in the wake of their admission. So, Republican and Democrat alike have to play this game, kick the can down the road until all of us are disarmed and defenseless. Then they can admit the lies they have told. Then, they can re-order society into something more manageable, without rights, or laws or Constitutions getting in the way.

    Resist. Do not comply. Do not let them have the upper hand. Make them face our wrath as justly they should.
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    I agree in principle, but since I don't own a gun (had an unstable sociopath in the house), then I don't feel that I have room to talk or give advice. Unlike some people, I won't say 'this is what to do' when I can't or won't do it.
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    We are all being marched at pencil-point to the extreme right..and labeled as such. I have lived my life as a mostly law-abiding and definitely productive citizen but I will not live as a subject. I pray that this will not erupt into war, but know in my heart that the intent is to push us there and paint us all while using our own children against us. I drew the line in the sand many yearts ago and they crossed it without remorse and defiant, I have been and will continue to be until buried.
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    I just did a mass mailing on this, with my owm foreward. +1 Sea
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