Concealed Carry Up 215%,

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    Murder Rate Down 14%

    I realize there are some that consider this subject political in nature... not me...

    this is just common sense... it's not really about guns or shooting so much...

    it's about having a sense of security... peace of mind... peace of home...

    we all know there are people out there that will do others harms... they just don't care about others...

    and they need little or even no reason to do so...

    Concealed Carry Up 215%, Murder Rate Down 14% - Breitbart
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    And the gun free safety zone myth implodes.
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    I'm glad to see these real stats coming out. Most of the time the media uses the gun debate to talk about the bad in guns ownership and all the snowflakes that hate for the population to have guns. I hope that more places start to post stats like this in other places. Let show the the non gun owners that guns are not bad, its the people.
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    Sometimes people ask what animal was first domesticated by Man, and the answer they usually get is "the dog".

    That's not quite true, but they way dogs were domesticated has a bearing on the question.

    Essentially, wolf pups were captured, and patiently trained not to bite. The ones that couldn't or wouldn't respond to training were immediately killed.

    The others were kept, bred, and trained in ever more refined ways until "man's best friend" was the ultimate result.

    And, over a course of perhaps 100,000 years, an infinity of dogs were killed that were either too stupid or too smart to do what people wanted them to do.

    And that takes us back to the first question: What animal was first domesticated by Man?

    The answer is Man himself.

    The most violent, bloodthirsty, aggressive, rapacious, vicious, and vengeful animal on the face of the Earth. A creature so ferocious that happiness is expressed by baring the teeth, and it frequently kills (and sometimes eats) its own young.

    Starting at the family level, and evolving into the tribe, every human child was trained to obey almost from birth by the simple expedient of beating them.

    Those that would not or could not be trained were killed or banished (same effect) as soon as they broke enough rules to demonstrate that they were, in terms of civilization, a total waste of effort.

    Unfortunately, in humans the genes for viciousness are many and so dominant that, over the course of millennia, millions upon millions of uncivilized people have been killed with but little improvement.

    In fact, not even the direct threat of death or torture will eliminate anti-social behavior in the majority of people.

    Today we are still plagued by our own viciousness primarily because humans have not yet been fully domesticated. It's an on-going process. There are many feral humans among us that must be culled if we ever truly expect to become a peaceful species.

    (Whether we should become a peaceful species is another question entirely. Poll, anyone?)

    So, basically, the ability of any civilized person to kill an uncivilized person (on the spot!) is probably key to the evolution of the human race, and us ever cleaning up our own act to the point where killing becomes unnecessary.

    I'm figuring that'll take another 300,000 years, MOL, with open carry, and about 9,000,000 years (or more) without.

    2nd Amendment, anyone? It's such a civilizing influence!
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    An armed society is a polite society...
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  6. arleigh

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    Demorats and liberals don't care about the facts, or the truth , only their agenda.
    These are not people with meaning, they are participating together to be obnoxious and get away with it. many don't even know what the agenda is.

    I appreciate the new information , good news I can relate to the rest of the choir. .
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