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    In Las Vegas, Nevada, it is perfectly legal to carry your concealed firearm into a casino. If they find out and ask you to leave, however, you’ll need to oblige or face trespassing charges. If you’ve carried inside a casino before undetected, that’s about to change.

    Patriot One Technologies, Inc. is about to kick off an experiment of it’s new detection system. They’ve partnered with Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino to implement the system in public for the first time. But what does it do?

    The system integrates with current security systems to alert the property of any visitors who are carrying a concealed weapon. In short, the system uses “Cognitive Microwave Radar” to detect any unwanted items, and “related hardware can be installed in hallways and doorways to covertly identify weapons and to alert security of an active threat entering the premises.”

    If this test proves to be successful in their eyes, it could open the flood gates for companies looking to use this technology in their own locations.

    I envision a lot of law-abiding citizens being approached by security and then being asked to leave the property, simply for concealing their legal firearm. Alternatively, they could be asked to leave their firearm in their car, opening it up to theft. Or, as many casinos have, they will let visitors store their firearm in a safe deposit box on property. Lots of good it’ll do, though, if you need it.

    Let’s make this easy:
    A bad guy walks into a casino with a gun. By the time security sees that he’s carrying a firearm and gets to him, he’s already shot 6 people.

    A good guy walks into a casino with a gun. By the time security sees that he’s carrying a firearm and gets to him, he’s already sitting down at a table and minding his own business.

    Not to mention if the system doesn’t detect the firearm at all, in which case the only issue is still the bad guy with the gun.

    To any businesses who implement this new technology, I can assure you that I won’t be a visitor to any of your properties. I feel that I’m not alone.

    Furthermore, I feel it’s only fair that a participating business be required to post a sign that alerts visitors of the invasive technology.

    Press Release:

    TORONTO, ON–(Marketwired – Mar 23, 2017) – Patriot One Technologies, Inc. (TSX VENTURE: PAT) (OTCQB: PTOTF) (FRANKFURT: 0PL) (“Patriot One” or the “Company”), developer of a revolutionary concealed weapons detection system, today announced an agreement with Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino for a trial of its technology in order to evaluate integration capabilities with existing in-house security systems.

    Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino has long been an iconic landmark, comprised of nearly 3,000 hotel rooms, including 305 suites located on 64 acres with a 74,000-square foot casino and 200,000 sq. ft. convention center. The property is owned by Florida-based Westgate Resorts, the largest privately held company in Central Florida. Today, Westgate Resorts encompasses 28 resorts with more than 13,500 villas across the United States.

    Westgate’s Chief Operating Officer Mark Waltrip said, “With this partnership, we are pleased to be moving ahead and look forward to deploying the product on-site and to integrating it with our existing security infrastructure. Hopefully this is the first of many deployments across our locations around the United States.”

    Patriot One CEO, Martin Cronin comments, “We believe our innovative concealed weapons detection software solution and related hardware offers a very significant step forward in security technology. Naturally, Las Vegas offers us a chance to really put our solution to the test in a premier global destination. As a first class showcase for our company, we thank the Westgate team for their vision and leadership in providing us the opportunity to deploy the installation in front of a key audience. During the upcoming ISC West Conference in April, we plan to demonstrate the system under real operating conditions to the visiting security community from across the nation. This is a wonderful opportunity for us and we look forward to a mutually beneficial relationship with Westgate Resorts.”


    “Martin Cronin”
    President & Director

    About Patriot One Technologies, Inc. (TSX VENTURE: PAT) (OTCQB: PTOTF) (FRANKFURT: 0PL):
    Patriot One has developed a first-of-its-kind Cognitive Microwave Radar concealed weapons detection system as an effective tool to combat active shooter threats before they occur. Designed for cost-effective deployment in weapon-restricted buildings and facilities, the innovative software solution and related hardware can be installed in hallways and doorways to covertly identify weapons and to alert security of an active threat entering the premises. Owner/operators of private and certain public facilities can now prominently post anti-weapons policies with compliance assured. The Company’s motto Deter, Detect and Defend is based on the belief that widespread use of its technology will act as an effective deterrent, thereby diminishing the epidemic phenomena of active shooters across the globe. For more information, visit:

    Concealed Weapon Detection System Being Implemented For The First Time. Coming To A Neighborhood Near You?
  2. ghrit

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    I for one, will not knowingly or willingly enter a microwave field.
  3. stg58

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    It seems like a warrant-less search and the NRA will sic their lawyers on these guys.
    If there was a microwave detection system for weed the ACLU would be all over it.
  4. stg58

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  5. oil pan 4

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    Chances are you like the rest of us are already in one.
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  6. oil pan 4

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    Also for every measure there is a countermeasure.
    They are trying to criminalize law abiding citizens.
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  7. Altoidfishfins

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    If used in public I would imagine it could be considered a warrantless search. But the argument will be that resorts, hotels and casinos are private property, and that private property rights come into play.

    At my place of employment there is a sticker on the window at the entrances of an image of handgun with a red circle and slash through it. It's private property and the management have the right to regulate who comes in there and with what.

    According to state law, I don't believe they have the right to tell you that you can't have a firearm in your car. They still try, and it's written in the employee handbook. Only the unenlightened comply.

    When I worked there 25 years ago, a number of people brought firearms, without issues. And for awhile there was even a guy with an FFL who showed at the warehouse every Friday morning to take your order. He would deliver your firearm the following Friday.

    Amazing how far this country has slid into the regulatory sewer in just a quarter century.
  8. Tully Mars

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    Only time I go into a casino is when I need a cheap clean room for the night and a deal on the prime rib dinner;)
    IF this system works I would expect to see it deployed in every business that could afford it in this current political environment . I could see insurance companies offering discounts to businesses that install it.
    Like Yard said, I will not/do not knowingly do business with 2nd amendment haters period.
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  9. arleigh

    arleigh Goophy monkey

    Door swings both ways , they make me uncomfortable about being there sacrificing my security for second hand security , I'LL SPEND MY MONEY SOME WHERE ELSE .
    Besides , how does this prevent a rapest from attacking in a elevator, hall, or room ?
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  10. BTPost

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    Ok, it uses RF Radiation, so that means it will be required to be FCC Type Accepted, and depending on the specs, may even need to be Licensed... If someone encounters such a device, let the Property Owner know, that you intend to file an Official Complaint with the local FCC Office, to make sure the device is legal, and Licensed, if nessesary... If it turns out that it wa
  11. Dunerunner

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    Was at the casino the other night for a concert... No weapons sign posted out side. Wasn't carrying anyway except my EDC Benchmade folder. Noticed that none of the casino security were armed. :rolleyes:
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  12. Ura-Ki

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    Politzi State!!!
  13. oil pan 4

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    I usually rip the anti gun sign off the door and stuff it in the nearest trash can.
    To this day no one has ever stopped me, said anything or replaced the signs.
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  14. Cruisin Sloth

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    microwave field legal to kill your sperm & brain matter whilst you don't have an option ? Next they will be recording all phones & e-mails !!
  15. Witch Doctor 01

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    Depending on the frequencies any business using this type of equipment may be required to post microwave warning signs in areas where it is used due to negative issues with pacemakers or other health related devise... so there should be some form of notice to the carrying public that the system is active... and all of the older gamblers will probably find somewhere else to gamble....
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  16. oil pan 4

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    They are likely already recording emails and at the very least who calls who, if not the entire conversation.
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  17. Lone Gunman

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    What about people with implanted cardiac devices? Here in town we had a man collapse and wind up lying on the floor after he and his ICD got caught between a local bank's automatically closing bulletproof doors — Doors that were triggered when the bank's hidden metal detector correctly identified a legal sidearm the fellow was carrying underneath his jacket! This is the kind of 'great security idea' that, sooner or later, WILL end up costing someone his life!
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  18. oil pan 4

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    More like insecurity.
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