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    I just ran across this article and decided to post it.

    Much of the problem with genocide, whether racial, religious, or ethnic, is that with the passage of time, the numbers and the incidents are often forgotten. Or ignored.

    I think that the one thing this article proves is that the Muslims, as a religious group, are utterly determined to make Islam the only religion on this planet, and the number of people that have to die for that to happen is of no consequence to them whatsoever.

    As Stalin said, the death of one man is a tragedy. The death of a million is a mere statistic.

    Articles: The Greatest Murder Machine in History
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    Because the Crusades always get brought up every time Muslim violence is discussed:
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  3. chimo

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    Historically, going to war with religions has not proven to be very successful with stopping or even containing them. You can't defeat ideas via force of can only defeat ideas (or perhaps more accurately, superstitions) with better ideas...and a better marketing and advertising department. ;)
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  4. UncleMorgan

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    Actually, the Muslims have done a very good job of stopping and containing ideas in many places just by going to war with the local religions, which were not always Christian.

    You can defeat any idea or superstition simply by making the people that espouse it dead.

    You don't have to win their hearts or minds. You just have to dispose of the dead bodies and move into the vacant houses.

    Works for Islam.
  5. AD1

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    Thats my fav video diplessing the "myth" of the Crusades being the reason for the Jihad.
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  6. stg58

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    This statistic really is stunning comment on the world of the barbarians.

    "And while more than 16,000 international patent applications were filed in South Korea alone between 1980 and 1999, only 77 were filed in Egypt in the same period."
    Zero Hour in the Middle East: What the Arab World's Past Can Tell Us About Its Future - SPIEGEL ONLINE
    Badly Educated and Unproductive

    Few other regions that the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) examines in its regular Human Development Reports have done so poorly in so many ways as the Arab world. The education system is miserable and the illiteracy rate extremely high in most countries in the Arab League. Almost half of the adult population cannot read or write in Mauritania, Morocco and Yemen, while illiteracy rates are at 28, 30 and 38 percent, respectively, in Egypt, Algeria and Sudan. Until a few years ago, even sub-Saharan Africa had more Internet connections than the Arab world.

    Few regions are as unproductive. All the Arab states together, with their combined population of 350 million, produce less in economic terms than Italy's 60 million people. Only 3 percent of the Libyan population works in the oil sector, which, until recently, accounted for more than 60 percent of the gross domestic product. What exactly did the rest of the population do? Official youth unemployment is at 26 percent in a rich oil-producing country like Saudi Arabia, while the unofficial rate in the countries of North Africa's Maghreb region lies at 70 percent. One-third of the people of Mauritania and Yemen, and one-fifth of Egyptians, live on less than $2 a day.

    The Arab world isn't poor. But no region of the world has treated its resources -- and half of its labor force, namely women -- as negligently. Only about 5 percent of members of parliaments in the region stretching from Morocco to Bahrain are female. And while more than 16,000 international patent applications were filed in South Korea alone between 1980 and 1999, only 77 were filed in Egypt in the same period.

    In no Arab country, with the exception of Lebanon with its proportional democracy, are there significant signs of an emerging civil society. Nowhere is there a democratic tradition which could provide a basis for those who plan to govern in the wake of the revolutions of recent weeks, not to mention those revolutions that could still be to come.
  7. 3M-TA3

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    Hopefully none of us will ever have to live as infidels under Sharia law. dhimmi is an infidel that is not a slave. The plight of the dhimmi is to be kept poor through the jizya (tax levied on an infidel as a condition of dhimmitude) which is arbitrarily set by the tax collector. If your young blond daughter is at the sexually alluring age of 9 or so, the jizya is likely to be set so high you can't pay it. Your daughter now becomes taken as a slave in lieu of the tax debit.

    Or maybe your son is now old and strong enough to be taken as a Jannisary - a slave who fights in the army of the local Sultan. He will be beaten and worked into submission before being given weapons, but as bad as that is, it is nothing like that which befalls the golden haired daughter.

    Yes, Islam is built around slavery, especially that of the infidel. It is yet another form of "submission". It is what non secular Islam wants for you. I will die before I condemn my bloodline to this filthy servitude.We have been programmed to think in politically correct terms and can't imagine that something like this is real. It is real everywhere Islam rules and free men are too weak to stand up to it.

    I will resist Sharia to the death. You should fear it and take whatever steps you need to ensure that it does not infect your country.
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  8. Taku

    Taku past history. Already prepared.

    Your Last sentence is a 100% must for survival.
    The Political system that the Muslim/Islamic belief system is goes against every thread of what America stands for and is 100% non compatible with our Nation.!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. UncleMorgan

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    @ stg58:

    A most excellent post. Stunning, in fact.
    I knew that the Islamic countries were stagnant and still mired in the 11th Century, but had not realized to what extreme.

    This guarantees the failure of Islam, even if they actually manage to take over the world.

    Once they run out of new lands to conquer and despoil, they'll stagnate even more and descend inevitably into a new Dark Age.

    Then a successor to Islam will rise from the ashes, and there won't be any Muslims anymore.

    That's the worst case. The best case is that we stop their jihad in its tracks, which we can definitely do if we actually decide to.
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  10. chimo

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    Sorry, I have to disagree. They may have killed the people...but the religions and the ideas behind those religions, not so much. The Romans failed to wipe out Christianity, the Christian Europeans failed to wipe out other Christian sects and Islam, the Arabic Muslims failed to wipe out Christianity, The US Christians failed to wipe out Native American beliefs, the commies failed to wipe out religion in general.
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  11. Brokor

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    I don't think it's just the Muslim faith which brings about despotism, but any religion when taken to extremism. Take a good look at our South American neighbors, who by a large extent, are not Muslim. Wherever we find religious extremism as the primary contributor to a societal infrastructure, we will also see stagnation and despotism at their highest.
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  12. 3M-TA3

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    @Brokor - please excuse my ignorance, but where do you see religion inspired despotism in South America?
  13. Brokor

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    I wouldn't say "inspired". Here's just a few examples of what I was attempting to describe.



  14. Kingfish

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    If Sharia was ever implemented in my lifetime I would kill as many Muslims as I could before they killed me. Period. I would just start with the ones closest to home and shoot them until I got killed.
  15. chimo

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    Luckily, the Constitution specifically prohibits Congress from making laws "respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;" If any religion wants a theocracy, we have that as our first line of defense...and they gotta get through all of us who swore an oath to protect and defend that document.
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