Concrete Creek People and the EPA are stealing land rights again!

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    EPA, Corps of Engineers hijack Clean Water Act to expand regulatory authority
    [​IMG] August 14, 2014
    Source: National Cattlemen’s Beef Association
    States could be facing upwards of 100,000 added regulated stream miles as a result of the “Waters of the United States” rule proposed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Army Corps of Engineers. While the agencies continue to claim their proposal does not expand the scope of the Clean Water Act, the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA), Missouri Cattlemen’s Association and Missouri Farm Bureau showcased new interactive maps on Aug. 14, 2014, at the Missouri State Fair in Sedalia, Mo.

    “The maps highlight just how far the proposed rule would expand federal jurisdiction over waters across the country,” said Ashley McDonald, NCBA environmental counsel. “In Missouri alone, nearly 80,000 additional stream miles will be under the regulatory authority of EPA and the Corps. Logic and commonsense tells us that the surrounding land will also be regulated more than ever before. This rule just continues this administration’s regulatory rampage and enough is enough. Farmers and ranchers are not confused and are well aware of this administration’s blatant attempt to control every drop of water and every piece of private land in this country.”

    The proposal goes as far to include ditches in the definition of a tributary. McDonald said any activity near a jurisdictional ditch will now require a federal permit and as a result, many farmers and ranchers will need to acquire permits for routine land use activities. “Instead of providing the clarity that so many people have asked for, the agencies have instead proposed a rule that muddies the water even further through their clever use of ambiguous and vague terminology,” said McDonald. “Their actions have only created more questions for farmers and ranchers. The agency’s proposed rule adds more layers of government bureaucracy and red tape and amounts to nothing more than a pervasive invasion of private property rights.”

    NCBA is working with a multi-industry coalition to ensure private property rights are protected. If this proposed rule is not withdrawn, according to McDonald, family farmers and ranchers will find themselves at the “mercy of the regulatory whims of the federal government.
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    Nothing new to the American farmer, getting railroaded by the government is pretty much par for the course.

    Obviously, the corpor-- I mean government, owns everything. We are merely humble slaves, toiling and trudging along by privilege afforded by our King.
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    Are there any good stories about the EPA? Really, I have never heard of them actually doing good. They seem to waste lots of money, think up unrealistic rules and they have an awful habit of declaring the driest areas wetlands And those Corps of Engineers, I have seen their work first hand. When you see those people mentioned, stay far far away.
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    Tiny little branch near home that never floods-stays dry except when raining hard has been regulated @100 feet on both sides. The land on both sides rises steadily so even if it did come a "noah flood" the surrounding land would still stay dry. Bud wanted to build his storage building about 90 feet from it and permit was refused. Ended up almost 200 feet from the dangerous waterway. On another bud's cow pasture they required him to drill a well instead of using his large pond for water. Then they had him fence the pond off so the cows could not poop in the water thus contaminating run off. I asked him what he was going to do--put diapers on his cows so they could not poop in the pasture. EPA has gone mad with power--they have one of the largest chunks of the tax dollar and IMO could be disbanded tomorrow without anyone noticing their demise.
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    Of course I have no concerns. The drought will last forever and all my cows died of thirst and the Beavers damed up the dust from the lake that isn't anymore.

    Still and all water, if it ever comes, runs down hill, unless the EPA changed that law, and someday the water that isn't now, may reach the ocean that is not rising due the the man made events caused by the exhaust of my cows that aren't anymore.

    Blame it on the Beavers that are still alive in this desert. Also blame it on the trappers that never trapped out the Beavers that damed up the dust from the lake that isn't.

    I hope that is all perfectly clear.
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    Dam beavers!
    I say shave 'em and put them out in the sun.
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    Better watch out for that handheld Frying Pan, or Rolling Pin, coming up behind you, Visu......
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