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    In terms of Batons, Tasers, Handguns, Revolvers, Knives over 3 inches and the like, although legal by NC state law. Are illegal in Charlotte via city code 15-14? Or does state law and/or section d of the code observe state law?
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    from what I know, and that is limited... city law fist, then county/district/borough, then state then fed. so don't take them there. the people of Charlotte said so...
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    Guess Charlotte doesn't allow open carry then?...
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    Gun laws in North Carolina - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Read the section under "open carry"

    ....." The state then appealed, and the supreme court affirmed. During court, the court stated at the beginning that the Second Amendment did not apply, because "the first ten amendments to the United States Constitution are restrictions on the federal authority and not the states." Therefore, with that being said, it focused more on the state constitution. The state constitution states that: "A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed." The court viewed the provision as protecting the right to carry arms in public. Forsyth County's local act was condemned and seen as distasteful, because it ended up putting a restriction on a persons right to carry a pistol, more so an unconcealed pistol. Although, the case of State v. Kerner helped/made more clear the allowance of openly carrying a pistol, it does not preclude all regulations regarding the carrying of firearms.[27]"
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    Im aware. I studied the laws and never ran into a potential issue before this Charlotte concern.
    North Carolina Knife Laws | KnifeUp

    It is legal to open carry any legal knife

    Handguns/Knives/Batons are accepted as Open carry items. Sabre defense spray and MACE are more of a defense device and not considered an arm or weapon to my knowledge.

    May have to look into this Charlotte code more.
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    I thought you meant open carry guns. Knife laws vary widely by location. You can be legal in one town and illegal in another. You will have to consult local law for answers. I would suggest your local sheriff's office.
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    Knives and the Right to Bear Arms
    Yes, it seems like I may have to check into this matter further. Seems rather extremely limiting in defense options.

    Sec. 15-14. - Possession of dangerous weapons.


    For the purposes of this section, the term "dangerous weapon" shall be defined as any object or device designed or intended to be used to inflict serious injury upon persons or property, including, but not limited to, firearms; knives of any kind or type having a blade in excess of 3½ inches in length, except when used solely for preparation of food, instruction or maintenance; razors and razor blades, except when used solely for personal shaving; metallic knuckles; clubs, blackjacks and nightsticks; dynamite cartridges, bombs, grenades, mines and other powerful explosives; slingshots; shurikins; stun guns; and loaded canes.

    It includes firearms (muskets and black powder pistols are likely legal, but there is not much use for them in a defensive situation in the 21st century, and so, they are only for hunting.)
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    A black powder revolver would do in a pinch. BP is not considered a firearm.

    Check your local laws.
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    This is the first time Im considering a trip to Charlotte. Never had an issue with anything here in this county.
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    It breaks down to you need to do your own" due diligence", meaning do not take the word of anyone on the Internet, check your local laws with your local law enforcement or local law representative.
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    In the words of an officer here ''Your safety is your responsibility. Just make sure you don't conceal what you have.''

    Upon reading the Charlotte code, not so sure Ill have many defense options. I cant see any exceptions except for d.
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    Looks like you have an alternative, simply don't go. Your post #10 above indicates you are only thinking about it. Might be time to fuhhh - geddaboudit?
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    Just a NOTE, here: Black Powder or Replica Weapons are NOT considered FireArms, ONLY under The FEDERAL Statutes.... One also MUST consider their own State's Statutes, when considering the Case for declaring BP Weapons as Legal FireArms, or NOT... in their idividual States... This is also true in Dealing with Felons in Possession Statutes.... What is true for Fedeal Statutes, may or MAY NOT, be true with regard to individual State Statutes, on the subject.
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    Im not afraid....I just prefer to have my primary defenses/EDC with me. martial arts/empty hand skills should be a last resort, not a primary method of defense. Ill check into this matter asap. I know black powder arms are not firearms, except in ONE state. thanks.
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    How did a general inquiry about a code and defense options turn into a discussion about felons?
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    Simple. Black powder is, in most circumstances, not considered a firearm, and therefore is the only real gun option for a felon. In addition, it is not restricted in the same fashion, though may be restricted as dangerous ordinance, or some other restriction for your area.
    Read the article as it pertains to black powder weapons. As before, know your local laws before carrying.
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    Anyone would be able to see the rolled up magazine that I am holding in my hand. Maybe the metal pen in my pocket. Or the scarf I am wearing if it is cold. And for sure, my belt. Those would be my defensive weapons. My Swiss Army knife in my pocket would be a tool and likely not deployed in a fight. Anything else at hand is fair game though.

    But I really detest that most blades are considered illegal. I like knives.
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