congress talks to a militia member

Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by Tango3, Oct 27, 2008.

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    That is AWESOME !!!

    Not often you see the video made public that reveals the LIES of the tyrants.

    The Militia is EXACTLY what JJ describes in the video, NOT what you hear the ADL describe.
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    Unfortunately I can't get videos worth watching with this laptop connect card and 2 bars. But I have heard JJ speak on numerous occasions. He was a very prominent and well respected speaker on the Patriot circuit in the 90's. I have a tape of his speach at the DC rally, It was great. He started by saying that he wanted to address this "angry white male" syndrome.
    He addressed the blacks listening and told them that if they thought that defending the second amendment and the freedoms of our nation didn't concern them then;
    " remember this. If our ancestors had of been armed they would not have been slaves!!"

    He was a contributing writer for Sierra Times news website but It won't load for some reason. May have gone belly up.
    I really need to dig out all of my old tapes and put them on DVD. There were some really great speeches given at those rallys that are just as relevent now as they were then.
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    Thought you might weigh in on this.
    That exact statement("Not only white males..." and "slavery.." is in part2(and er...its in part3) above IIRC .
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    I watched the rest of this video. Man oh man some of the things these people said was just friggin nuts. No wonder people think Militia folks are insane.
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    Care to expound on that?? I thought the comitee was walking on eggs and being very clear in their questioning..I don't necessarily feel good about the several "start blowing people away..." statements...Otherwise IMHO Johnson did a fine job..
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    I met JJ on a couple occasions at gun shows in Ohio and stopped to talk a while. Then the press and probably LE wouldn't let him rest, I think, and he kind of disappeared from the shows.

    The militias quit coming to the shows after the Clinton years. Guess there are still some around, but you have to hunt them down to find them, they are not as high profile now.
  8. CBMS

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    Sure Tango,
    I didn't mean the rest of what JJ said, as he was the most coherent and well...sane of the whole panel of militia leaders. I mean Mr. Olson, and Mr.Fletcher, talking about how a "Japanese fuel tanker blew up the federalist building". Now I dont believe the OKC Bombing was done by one man, however a "Japanese" fuel tanker?! thats kinda a stretch wouldn't you say so? I do however wish to also kick Ms. Feinstein straight in the balls for A.) Being alive and being one of the people from Cali. and B.) Not understanding this little thing called courtesey or common sense.

    I did Like what JJ had to say though, the rest of them...not in as much.
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    It's good to hear that someone is standing up and diproving the lies about the REAL militia.

    BTW, can help you find a unit if you are interested.
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    Must've missed(or glossed over) the "japanese fuel tanker part.".
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    I'm at work and using my wireless so can't watch the vids but if Olson and Fletcher are there then I can see why you would say they were nuts. They were both heavily rumored to be linked with the feds and were known to make a lot of outrageous and inflammatory statements. The story ( and I cant say it is proven, but it is widely believed) is that Olson got in trouble with the ATF and they made a deal to not prosecute if he would work for them. Many people associated with him found themselves suddenly under federal scrutiny and sometimes arrest. They both became pariahs in the Patriot community.

    Something was tickling the back of my mind last night after I posted this. It dawned on me this morning. I have to clarify. Like I said I can't see the vids and I got the names confused. I assume the Olson refered to is Norm Olson, Commander of the Michigan Militia. I confused him with John Trochman, Commander of the Montana Militia. Trochman and Fletcher his second in command are the ones I was refering to. Like I said there is no proof but it was an oft repeated and widely believed assertion that Trochman was, if not a federal plant, then at least under their thumb.
    All I know of Norm Olson is that he appeared to be a very sincere but slightly naive person. He didn't come across well on camera. There should be a video somewhere of either Geraldo Rivera or maybe "Nightline" that did a townhall type meeting with militia members in Michigan in about 94' or 95' that featured Olson and his second. I don't remember the guys name, maybe he is the Fletcher in the vid above. He tended to do most of the talking for Olson.
    Apologies to Norm, my mistake.
  12. ghrit

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    Makes you wonder, doesn't it, how come those folks got selected to testify. Clearly, someone wanted to present some out of the world thinking. Bet that stuff shows up in the media at some point.
  13. Tango3

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    looks like this was dated 1995...)
  14. Wild Trapper

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    Yes, I noticed that too. However, it is still a good thread

    Is it time to think about taking a second look at the militias?
  15. medicineman

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    Not unless you have the password, know the secret handshake, can jump through a burning hoop, and believe with all your heart in the "National Militia Standards".
    FYI - NMS was created by a VERY small group of folks and is NOT widely accepted.
  16. Minuteman

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    I was heavily involved in the Patriot/Militia movement in the 80's-90's. It was a noble idea but the implementation never seemed to work. These groups attracted far to many Rambo wannabe's and what today we call key board commando's. And the infiltration by TPTB was so perevalent that you couldn't throw a rock without hitting a fed. It was estimated that as much as 1/3 of all militia members were either fed agents or fed stoolies.

    I met a lot of good honest patriotic Americans that were concerned with preserving and protecting our great nation. But, unfortunately they were soon outnumbered by the (staged) wacko's and bomb throwers. A lot of the groups that I knew tried hard to weed out the "Kill em all" provacateurs, but it was a losing battle.

    But even so the movement made a lot of good inroads. Many worked hand-in-hand with local LEO. They were readily called upon for back-up and especially for search and rescue operations. A lot of groups were doing some great PR work. Setting up tents at highway rest areas and offering free coffee and doughnuts to travelers and handing out literature.

    Thier efforts were so succesful in Oklahoma that they actually had state Senators and Representataives attending their meetings and they were instrumental in getting anti-NWO, Pro-American legislation passed in the state.

    I posted in another thread about house resolution (IIRC) 1147 (or 11something), that was essentially a cease and desist order to "any entity that would seek to undermine the soveriegnty of the United States of America or the State of Oklahoma." Signed and sponsered by 32 state Senators and Representatives.

    It was estimated that there were 3 to 5 million people that were either members of a formal P/M group or sympathetic to them. TPTB felt threatened and could not let this growing movement go unchallenged.
    Just a few miles from where the very first P/M inspired legislation in the country was passed the (up to that time) worst case of "domestic" terrorism occured. A truck filled with barrels of fertilizer and diesel blew up and brought down a building and blew out windows in the offices of some of the very politicians who had sponsored that historic legislation.

    A full blown assault on the P/M movement commenced. The association of McViegh and the movement was widely and breathlessly reported. He was linked to P/M groups from Michigan to Texas. Despite the fact that no group had ever admitted him as a member. He was indentified early on as an agitator and was going from group to group trying to gain admission. The false reporting of his ties to Militia groups and to Patriot leaders like Mark Koernke ( remember the second most wanted man in America?) accomplished the desired goal. The demonization of the movement in the public mind.

    With manipulated public opinion on thier side the Clintonista cabal launched a full out assault on the movement. They began to take out the leaders with "gun law violations" and set up and staged raids. Many prominent P/M leaders and speakers were sent to prison for daring to stand up and be heard. Many are still there.

    It was during that dark time that I saw the futility of being involved in a national type movement. All of the "from my cold dead hands" types. The most vocal and brave at the rally's and meetings were the first to throw thier uniforms away, hide thier guns, burn their membership cards and slink away in the night.

    And I am not talking about just the "Patriots for profit" or the self inflated ego, demigogues who were just in it to feed their own vanity and fantasy.

    The true Patriots, the loyal to the cause, saw the folly we had been involved in.

    The doctrine of leaderless resistance, a true Phinehas mindset doesn't require meetings and rallies. Formal groups that can be readily compromised and easily manipulated. If the day ever comes that the true Patriots in this nation are required to stand, to act, then they will not have to be told by a commander, they won't need any marching orders.

    Small groups of close friends. Weekend training and practice. Discreet networking among a few like minded people. That is the prudent way. I don't think we will ever see the large prevalent Militia groups again. The ones that are out there, I say, best of luck to you, but I personally would never become involved in one again.

    These type of forums, where we can come together and share knowledge, discuss current events, that is the best weapon we have in our arsenal right now. And that is not even a popular venue for a lot of the old school P/M guys. I know a lot of folks that avoid the net like the plague. So any kind of public forum that I see promoting P/M views I find very suspect. Maybe not nefarious in nature but certainly (IMHO) naive at best.

    So I guess the point of this rambling diatribe is to answer your question " is it time to take a second look at the Militia's?"

    My answer would be no.
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    Thanks very much for your opinion. I posed the question in the wee hours of the night, not much thought into the idea, really! Guess I need = [beat]
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    No, you don't need a wallop. The question was fair and the answer more so. Swapping ideas on forums, at least here, sorta exposes mindsets for those that want to see them. At some point, one or two get together F2F and size each other up. That starts things moving, but never in a mass that attracts attention. As minuteman says, when or if the time comes, the folks with the right stuff will connect and do what needs done.

    When or if [shtf]really comes along, the disorganized folks will find each other and go from there. Think in terms of "Lights Out" by halffast.

    "Keep yer powder dry" (And your mind open.)
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    Thanks for weighing in minuteman. First hand experience beats B.S.. We're lucky to have you...
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