congressman challenges eligibility.

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    CAVEAT: Iam finding this on A small clusterof conservative sites they reference each other:

    Deal Challenges Obama’s Eligibility


    by P. Patriot

    [​IMG]Nathan Deal, U.S. Representative for Georgia, is running for Georgia Governor in 2010.

    (Jan. 5, 2010) — The Post & Email can publicly confirm that on the first of December, last, U.S. Congressman Nathan Deal (GA-R) challenged the eligibility of Barack Hussein Obama to hold the office of the U.S. presidency.
    Todd Smith, Chief of Staff for Representative Nathan Deal of the United States House of Representatives serving Georgia’s 9th district, has confirmed today that Deal has sent a letter to Barack Hussein Obama requesting him to prove his eligibility for the office of President of the United States of America. The letter was sent electronically the first of December 2009 in pdf format, and Mr. Smith said that Representative Deal has confirmation from Obama’s staff that it has been received. The letter did not have additional signatories. It originated solely from Representative Deal.
    Now, what does this mean? This is probably the first time in 233 years of American history that a sitting member of the House of Representatives has officially challenged the legitimacy of a sitting president….one full year into his term.
    This forever changes the public discourse.
    Even if the putative president ignores the challenge, he cannot hide from it, because by doing so he admits his guilt through silence. The question has to be asked near and far, why would a president who has promised greater transparency than any previous administration pay upwards of $2,000,000 of taxpayer money to hide documents that could resolve the matter once and for all time for the cost of $20.00. He has publicly admitted on more than one occasion that his father was NOT an American citizen. This alone disqualifies him from eligibility based on Article 2, Section 1, Paragraph 5 of the Constitution, and consequently makes him a usurper.
    Representative Deal, understanding full well the magnitude and gravity of the situation and recognizing that it places our country in a national security crisis, has rightfully confronted the issue head-on. The ramifications are so serious that all laws signed by a putative president are null and void, and soldiers sent into war under his command can be tried as war criminals.
    Representative Deal is not a “Birther”; rather, he is a “Truther”; one of the millions of others who have been seeking irrefutable proof for over a year and a half!
    Not a single lawsuit to date has been decided on the merits of the case, with numerous cases yet to be resolved or dismissed.
    To show support for Representative Deal, you may contact him here:
    The Honorable Nathan Deal
    2133 Rayburn House Office Building
    Washington, D.C. 20515-1009
    DC Phone: 202-225-5211
    DC Fax: 202-225-8272
    Email Address:
    WWW Homepage:
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    Re: congressaman challenges eligibility.

    I never liked the freerepublic website, and was banned within minutes of registering years ago. It is a devout right-wing religious extremist site, but it does spread some good info along with all the crap.

    Anyway, the Obama thing. Yes, I see this as a very heated topic yet to come, especially after the end of the month. But, if it is all covered up by the corporate media, and if we continue to trudge along as we have been -we can just stack yet another proverbial brick in the wall to divide We the People from our corrupt and unconstitutional government.

    The culling has started, and the pace of the Globalists is quickening -now is not the time to yield. I really hope that we can make progress from all of this mess. If not, then we will only be further entrenched in "conspiracy theorists" vs. "trusted news" arguments in full technicolor as the police state is unfolded.
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    Re: congressaman challenges eligibility.

    Unless, there is some "reason" for non-disclosure, I cannot for the life of me see why this has not been resolved.
    To date, there has been far too many instances and challenges to let this birth thing go.....It has to be settled and soon.
    My biggest concern is:
    With anyone as a sitting president, being "removed" for whatever reason, then the vice president is also removed as he was "appointed" by the president .
    Good Grief!
    That leaves us in the clutches of Nasty Nancy, the plasticized robot!
    Talk about the lessor of 2 evils......!
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    Re: congressaman challenges eligibility.

    Depends on how the constitution is read by literal retards from the hill -remember, plain English is not easy for them; they require 800 page documents like the Patriot Act and the Health Care Proposal to make sense.

    Interesting caveat, if that does occur, I wonder what the chances are of a sudden "event" transpiring, thus requiring the need for martial law? Just speculating. That would almost make sense.
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    But the big advantage would be, with the Wicked Witch being not only an ugly little zombie troll but also vain, stupid and of foul temper at the best of times, she would soon have so antagonised BOTH parties that NO ONE would pass anything she supported, and the 'presidiency' would be for that particular time, basically null and void, of no useful function til the following election. Hopefully We The People will have come to our collective senses by then and elect someone who is tolerable to not only both Parties but to We The People in general. :D
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    Phui. Only has to be OK to WTP. The parties are all toady, froggy buggers, and won't be happy unless there is a nice cushy lily pad around.
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    hehe, the fewer "Bills" and other legislation they pass, the better. These idiots in DC are purposefully destroying liberty. It's almost as if they feel like they have to CONSTANTLY be legislating *something* to make it appear as though they are doing any work. [loco] Less government = better government. I know we here at the Monkey know this...but Nancy could have a few more enemies on the Hill and I would be just dandy with that. ;)
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