Connecticut: “No Guns, No Gold”

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    You probably know about the gun control bill that was voted into law this month. Gun manufacturers are threatening to move out of the state. The story is here.
    The state is now about to shut down all coin stores. A bill to require complete record-keeping on all sales, including photos of every coin sold, and recording the ID of every buyer and seller, is about to be passed into law. The cost of complying will shut down the stores. Read about it here.
    To require precious metals or stones dealers to provide a periodic statement of transactions in an electronic format to the local licensing authority and retain any goods purchased for at least ten days, and to make the requirements applicable to precious metals or stones dealers similar to those applicable to secondhand dealers.
    Introduced by: Public Safety and Security Committee
    You may recall that the terror of the French Revolution was run by the Committee on Public Safety.
    How bad is this proposed bill? Here are the details, from the state’s website.
    Property Description. Under the bill, the record’s property description must include:
    1. all distinguishing marks, engravings, and etchings;
    2. names of any kind, including brand and model;
    3. model and serial numbers;
    4. affiliation with any institution or organization;
    5. dates;
    6. initials;
    7. color;
    8. vintage; and
    9. image represented.

    Digital Photographs. The bill requires a digital photograph of property that does not have any identifiable numbers or markings. A number corresponding to the number assigned to the property’s entry in the record-keeping system must be visible in the photograph and remain attached to the property until its disposition or sale.
    Bullion and Coins
    For bullion and coin sales, in addition to the requirements under current law, the bill requires dealers to keep the record in English, be consecutively numbered, and include the seller’s general description.

    Read more:
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    Well, at least the records are to be in English, if any store remains in business. Gad.
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    When I read the hearing testimony, I was surprised that a majority of the coin dealers with documented responses urged passage of the bill because it made the recording and documentation requirements equal to pawn shops, many of who also hold licenses as coin dealers.

    The numismatists pointed out that PM usually turn in hours or a couple of days and in a volatile market, holding an item for 10 days can mean the difference between profit and loss, among other business overhead costs that will be associated.

    Should this pass, and I suspect it will, bullion dealers and buyers will not do business within the state.

    There didn't seem to be any responses from average citizens who object to placement of their name and identifying information on yet another state/federally reported document. I can easily envision the gov including in my profile that I have xxx ounces of PM along with what guns I own, what ammo I have purchased and in what quantities, what my health care records include, the property I own, real estate and personal, my political beliefs gathered from my forum entries, facebook, twitter, etc, what TV stations I subscribe to, where I have traveled, and those with whom I have associated, all "legally obtained" without a warrant being necessary. Why is the general population accepting this ooze into an Orwellian society?
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    Looks like Connecticut is following Oregon's Business Model of How-To-Drive-Out-Business' from your state.
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    My guess is that's because they still have Dancing With The Stars and their home wireless connection.
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    Exactly. It isn't making the general populace's daily life uncomfortable, so they don't care. The problem is once life DOES become uncomfortable for the masses, they won't be able to do anything about it (talking about sheeple here, not Monkeys. Monkeys will ALWAYS find a way to do something about it when things get uncomfortable in daily life).
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    I have come to like purchasing anonymously rounds, eagles, or junk silver at spot value plus a 10 percent max markup, exchanging FRN buttwipe cash for the silver with no names asked or id shown. That is as it should be!
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    You mean you don't have to submit finger prints for tomatoes and lettuce? The horror!! horror!! Lettuce heads can raise bruises on children!!
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    You're throwing them too hard, gotta lighten up there...
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    That's an easy one. Because they have the intelligence of sheep.
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