Conscious Competence Learning Model

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    conscious competence learning model matrix- unconscious incompetence to unconscious competence

    This is an excellent model for assessing one's skills and knowledge.

    It basically starts with...

    unconscious incompetence (you don't know what you don't know)

    conscious incompetence (you're aware of gaps in skills or knowledge)

    conscious competence (you still think through skills or knowledge)

    unconscious competence (you don't have to think about something, it is second nature).

    This may help one find gaps in your prep skills or knowledge.

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    Excellent find, SS

    Thanks for posting, SS. This is a good post, and the web-linked article is an excellent exposition of the concept. Not only is the model useful for the learner to enable them to be an active agent in their own self directed learning development, but it is also a useful model for those who are teachers and trainers in assessing students in their journey of skill / knowledge / and values acquisition.

    A copy of this post should be posted in the reading room where it is less likely to be buried under an avalanche of sundry rants and trivia.
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    Mods, please move this to the Reading Room. Chelloveck is correct. Thanks.
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