Consequences, Civil Disobediance, Free Will

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    I try to stay close to what family members and friends that I have locally. Being an olde fart and having made a few mistakes in my life, I try always to give good advice in any questionable situation. We humans are flawed, and we all make mistakes. I recently had a younger member of this group make a few mistakes which led to police involvement, and there is an upcoming court appearance as a result. It is a shame that we have a society where many things that are illegal are common practice among celebrities as well as friends and family members.
    Parents and mentors need to sit down and talk to the young members of their tribe and discuss that As humans having free will, we need to stop and consider each and every questionable action that we are considering doing, and how if law enforcement gets involved what will the consequences be, and do we really want or need to do that.
    When having this talk I like to talk of Doors and Rooms. When you are young and innocent, as you start to venture out on your own, there seems to be an infinite number of rooms and doors to them that are open to us. Some doors maybe closed due to certain restrictions to entry, such as age, gender, educational accomplishment or whatever.
    Eventually an innocent youth gets to adulthood, hopefully without violating any rules of law or society which would close a number of doors to them. The world is their oyster so to speak, and hopefully they become a pearl.
    It must be stressed however, that with free will and choices, each choice may open more doors, or lock them to them. Some doors may be closed off to them completely, never to open again from one simple choice. Many organizations and large companies have zero tolerance for certain actions. Even if celebrities and family members break a law and it seems popular, such as smoking, using drugs, or alcohol, ..... there are many possible consequences, unintended or otherwise that could end up closing many doors to them.
    This child of a tribe member, who has tripped up, is a young adult living with a significant other. The one in question works for a large national company, and is making more money than would be expected for one so young with only a high school diploma. This person is devastated that a simple pot possession may end their employment with this company. Obviously this is not the end of the world, but at this point this youth thinks it is. My council has been discouraged by the parents in this matter, and I will honor that, even though it saddens me.
    Teach your children well.
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    I feel your pain. I raised my children the best I could. Spoke to them of right and wrong and to think before they act. Our oldest went south and learned some hard lessons. After she hit bottom and spent a few months in jail (we were given gardianship of her two boys) She learned and is now a wonderful woman with five children and a husband who works hard supporting the family. Sometimes, no matter how much you care or how hard you try, the best thing you can do is to stand aside and be there when they need you.
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