Conspiracy Theory w/ Jesse Ventura "Death Ray" S03E02

Discussion in 'Tin Foil Hat Lounge' started by Brokor, Nov 29, 2012.

  1. Brokor

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    Interesting. Some might say, "frightening".
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  3. Mindgrinder

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    Interesting how they tie it to Star Wars....
    During the Vancouver Olympics I saw some of their LRAD trucks...
    Resonance weapons certainly exist.
    Targeted sound devices are quite interesting too...

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  4. Brokor

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    Yeah, and I also found it interesting that they tied in Hutchison and his EM research to 9-11 as a theory. I haven't spent much time considering this.

    The real catch is, we don't know more than bits and pieces, like we are looking through a cracked and faded piece of glass and trying to decipher a tiny bit of text in a foreign language and extra fine print in the hopes that it will offer some clue to our situation. And the tiny piece of paper keeps mysteriously vanishing for no apparent reason and popping up again unexpectedly. Plus there are deadly Africanized bees circling your head the whole time and you're sitting on a stool with your feet propped up because the room you are in is slowly flooding and the only escape is a hatch 35 feet in the air through the roof. Of course, the roof hatch is padlocked by the corporation who owns the building and you can't seem to get a response from them because they won't talk to you. So, here we sit, attempting to read a faded piece of paper in a language we don't understand, in vain naturally, due to the fact that we couldn't even get a good look at it yet, and we face certain demise all around us. That about sums it up.
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  5. Mindgrinder

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    The problem with the focused energy weapon theory is that you have to "sell it" to the public.
    It's quite easy to relay sufficient information and questions aboot nine11 to the average Joe to make them think:
    "Hmm...something isn't right here..."
    But as soon as you lead into tech they can't see/feel/"prove" exists they retreat in fear of not being politically correct.
    I'd venture to say that the focused energy weapon question served the opposition to inside job more than the truthers.
    I'm sure some people used it as an excuse to close their eyes in suspended disbelief to ALL theories that don't match the official statements.

    Follow the bees man....if there is a way out...they know!

  6. Brokor

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    Hutchison is a proven hoaxster, but the theory he represents does have merit. Just wanted to clarify this.
  7. Rabid

    Rabid Monkey

    I had always wondered about the fact that there didn't seem to be enough rubble after 9-11. The statement was made that the steel ionized because of the amount of energy in the collapse. There have been some fairly large buildings taken down and I've never heard of this happening to steel before 9-11. So should I feel protected from enemy attack or threatened that my government might have a weapon to use against me?
  8. ghrit

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    Has anyone added up the tonnage of dust that covered Manhattan and/or was blown out to sea? Much of the energy from the collapse went into crushing most of the concrete and other stuff like glass, I think, and that did not end up in the subbasements along with the steel. Like you, I have my doubts that much of the steel tonnage was lost to mechanisms other than actual burning. (Yes, steel can burn if you get it hot enough.)
  9. BTPost

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    The real issue here, can be simply stated in ONE Fact... There has NEVER been two buildings, the size of the Twin Towers, that have been collapsed, under their own weight, in the History of Man on Earth.... So there really is nothing to compare this event, against.... Remember these two buildings were over 100 Stories EACH. That is over twice as big as any Explosive Demolition collapsed building, ever done, and there were TWO of these brought down, within hours of each other, in the SAME Area.... If one were to calculate the volume, of the buildings Standing and Collapsed, excluding the Air, inside the buildings, then weigh the amount of debris, and dust, I suspect it would come out close. ...... YMMV....
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  10. Brokor

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    Not just that, but the "smoking gun" of it all, no pun intended, is BUILDING 7. Here is a building designed and built as a FEMA bunker, hardened and secure, and it only had minor debris fall upon it. And yet, broke out, Silverstein goes on PBS and says "We’ve had such terrible loss of life, maybe the smartest thing to do is pull it.’ And they made that decision to pull ..." which is a demolition term for detonating the charges. Building 7 was unique, along side the twin towers which fell like never before in history in only a few seconds, it also collapsed in faster-than-free-fall speed into a nice pile of tiny pieces...from fire. Allegedly.

    No conspiracy theories are even needed. It's a cover up, no doubt. Exactly how it was pulled off is the trick question. Read more below:
    Remember Building 7 | Stand with the 9-11 families demanding a NEW Building 7 investigation - What is Building 7 ?
  11. kellory

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    First off, to account for all of the debris, you would have to have washed some of off my Sister. She worked just a couple of blocks from ground Zero, and was covered in dust. the dust went everywhere.
    second, the design of the twin towers was changed in mid-build. Asbestos was sprayed on the reinforcing steel on all the lower stories, but was dis-allowed once it got so high, the rules changed, and a less effective fire retardant was used to complete the upper floors. My brother's company had an office where the second plane struck, and he got to watch friends die on a live sat conference line, as flames tore through the building. (He was in another office in another state) but his trainee died there.
    according to the engineer's report that I read shortly after the event, had the asbestos been used from top to bottom, there should have been nearly two hours more time before the metal softened, and failed.
    As this event affected two of my family, it affected me. (I tried to sign up after 9-11 to serve) I have seen many hours of footage and heard endless theories including "we blew it up", "the were no planes". "aliens did it" , "Government secret weapons did it" and a few more that are even less plausible.
    I've seen footage that seems to show a saucer shaped ship, I have heard the little blurb about "pull it", I have seen footage that claims to show the facades are from different timelines.
    But what I do know, is there are bits and pieces of the planes in the debris. My Sister had to walk home, more than ten miles (all tunnels and bridges, and subways were shut down.) She got a good look, standing there, covered in dust, watching the chaos, much too close. What else may have been going on, I couldn't say, but planes were involved.:(
  12. Brokor

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    Sorry for your loss and how you feel, Kellory. Still, the 1,500 plus independent engineers and many, many other professionals, the evidence and basic logic and science do not support the official story. Period.

    Besides, your opinion falls in line with the commission. We call that the overwhelming majority by default. You have nothing to lose siding with the government, believing the same as millions of others who did not take the time to read about the facts. Maybe it was the thousands of theories and endless hacks who ALWAYS do harm to true alternative media and independent study. Heck, I don't even blame you. But, attaching personal feelings and assigning names to the souls lost does not erase the CLEAR picture. Accepting the notion that it WAS a conspiracy, for whatever reason --even leaving out the theories, does NOT do harm to the families who lost loved ones, their memory or those who experienced the event first hand. In fact, I place attitudes such as this right along side blind patriotism and racism, because it is equally as rash. Nothing can bring them back, not even claiming it was airplanes and jet fuel and asbestos and pancake theory collapse which all defy basic physics and turns high school level science on its head. Nothing. Not even an internet troll on Youtube or a foreigner being paid by some U.S. alphabet agency to spread disinformation can tarnish the memory of the innocents slain for global domination.

    In conclusion, what I am getting at, is we have more to gain by being open minded than to allow emotions and pride to cloud our objectivity.
  13. Rabid

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    Have a friend that works in Pentagon and his father worked in the Trade Center. He was at a meeting in another building and called right away but we didn't hear from his father for two days. I keep looking at the video and just can't understand. Buildings just don't go down like that. I could see the upper floors colapsing and some of the floors below the impact area but not the entire building.

    I wonder what China and the Russians think about this crazy "Star Wars"defense system/ death ray that may or may not exist? Do other governments have conspericy theorists?
  14. kellory

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    Since you clearly didn't read what I wrote, i will say no more on the subject.
  15. Rabid

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    WTF kellory???? You've got your little foil hat screwed on a little tight. If you don't like the thread I suggest you invive yourself to go elseware and not pay attention to this thread that others seem to have an interest in.


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