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    Eulogy: To a Real, Live Constitutionalist
    Tom Rose

    ". . . I will walk at liberty: for I seek thy precepts." --Psalm 119:45
    We live in an age that is very dangerous to the survival of liberty. Civil rulers – especially those at the national level, but also those at the state and local level – regularly act as if the constitutions and laws of our various states and country do not apply to themselves. Our civil rulers act as if restrictive laws only apply to ordinary taxpayers who, by threat of law, are forced to pay for their bounteous salaries and the pork-barrel boondoggles which our elected officials use to line the pockets of political supporters and themselves. One example of this anti-law mentality is the typical elected official’s response to the very serious problem of illegal immigration. Our president and members of the House and Senate are all doing mental gymnastics to garner the votes of “Mexican-Americans.” They are attempting to do this by accommodating the growing mass of illegal immigrants who are not only impoverishing many states and local communities by overwhelming our tax-supported welfare system, but who are also intensely dedicated to reclaiming our whole Southwest to Mexico.

    Rather than our elected officials unconstitutionally continuing to undermine the essence of American law and culture for their own political benefit, these officials should openly and vociferously declare illegal immigrants to be the law breakers that they really are. Our political leaders should take immediate action to expel these foreign invaders from our country. And, yes, all tax-supported services (schooling for their children, medical services, and welfare subsidies) should be denied to illegal immigrants because they are outside of the law by illegally entering these United States of America! Where are the elected officials who have the integrity and internal fortitude to declare an outlaw to be an outlaw? Ordinary citizens are finally beginning to cry out for lawmakers and law enforcers who are dedicated to upholding our Constitution at the national, state, and local levels! Thankfully, a new era is dawning in America – the upcoming era of constitutional government. We have too long allowed our elected officials to destroy America for their own selfish political gain!

    Paying taxes at the national level now really amounts to a ubiquitous (widespread) system of “legalized theft” because 60% or more of federal tax dollars are used to forcibly transfer wealth from the pockets of some citizens to other citizens who have not earned it. This massive process of “wealth transfer” is used by opportunistic politicians and government bureaucrats to seduce unthinking citizens to accept confiscatory levels of taxation and ever-increasing government involvement in and control of citizens’ lives. Much of the other 40% of federal taxes – plus the ability of the federal government to create an unlimited amount of money through the unconstitutional Federal Reserve Bank – has been used to establish a vicious nationwide system of political and economic fascism (government control). In short, the resulting failure of our elected officials to respect citizens’ inherent right to private property and to unquestioned privacy in our personal affairs has produced a totalitarian state in America that far surpasses the fictitious police state described in Orwell’s novel entitled 1984. We have presidents and members of Congress who have unconstitutionally involved us in foreign wars of aggression which serve their own selfish political and economic interests – or, worse yet, the interests of certain foreign countries (Israel and Britain) and the financial interests of large domestic and foreign corporations. At the state level we also have governors and members of our various state legislatures who collude with federal officials in treating citizens as cattle to be herded and economically “consumed” at the perverted will of our civil rulers. Local governments also have increasingly become colluding pawns of our national and state governments to fleece citizens of their hard-earned wealth. Thus, at all political levels – national, state, and local – hard-working citizens are beginning to look for a new type of political leader. Read on!

    But, all is not lost! Many citizens are beginning to see the need for a new type of leadership, though some of them have not yet focused on the answer. But, as we have learned from our high-school classes in science, every force in the physical world tends to generate an equal and opposing force. Thus, as our present unconstitutionally minded political leaders secretly collude with each other to force ever-more tyrannical legislation (Homeland Security) upon honest citizens who are valiantly straining to provide economic security for their families, the political leaders have generated an opposing force of freedom-minded citizens who are beginning to turn to the idea of constitutional government and the promise of individual freedom and economic prosperity that constitutional government naturally provides.

    In short, recent unconstitutional laws (like the Orwellian-named “Patriot Act”) are motivating people to search for statesmen (not politicians) who have a real zeal to restore constitutional government to America. That is what this essay is all about. Read on!

    Almost two years ago I received a telephone call from a man to whom I would like to introduce you (see below). This gentleman had come upon some articles I had written on freedom and constitutional government. (See my web site: In our first telephone contact I was impressed with this man’s grasp of the current political and economic situation in America, but I was even more impressed with his burning zeal for true constitutional government. So, when he suggested we get together for a visit, I agreed. We spent some hours together. I was amazed! Here was a man who was successful in the business he and his wife had started and worked at for many years, but somehow he still had taken the time and effort to study and remember, almost word for word, the constitutions of these United States of America and the State of Pennsylvania. He has a real working knowledge of both constitutions. He far outshines any lawyer or judge I have ever met in his knowledge of our state and national constitutions. And, best of all, he has a true heart-felt zeal to apply constitutional principles to the burning issues of the day! I have a good working knowledge of our national constitution, and a fair knowledge of my state constitution, but I must always double check the documents themselves. But this man surpasses me by far; he does it from a photographic memory!

    From our first meeting, this gentleman became a friend and fellow believer in political and economic freedom. He has come up the hard way, so he understands what it is to work hard and to scrimp and save while successfully raising a family. How many political officeholders can say the same?

    Some months ago he advised me that he was seeking the nomination for governor of Pennsylvania for the Constitution Party. I attended the meeting at which he presented his platform. It warmed my heart! Not long ago he informed me that he had won the Constitution party’s nomination. If you are a resident of Pennsylvania and are fed up with the chicanery of both the Republican and Democratic Parties and want to throw out the “bad guys” and bring honesty back to our state government and our national government, I suggest you check out this man’s web site and read his platform. His name is Hagan Smith, and his web sites are: and

    The time has come for freedom-minded people to leave the unworkable two-party system (Democratic and Republican Parties) and to support constitutionally minded third-party candidates like Hagan Smith who are dedicated to restoring lost freedoms to our country. If you are not a resident of Pennsylvania, look for a dedicated constitutionally minded man to support and encourage in your own state. Your children and grandchildren will thank you!

    "Published originally at : republication allowed with this notice and hyperlink intact." Tom Rose is retired professor of Economics at Grove City College, PA. He is author of eight books and hundreds of articles on free-market economics.

    We invite you to visit his website at:
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