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    Hispeedal2 Nay Sayer - FBI Scrutinized Over Test Cheating

    "The new rules gave agents more flexibility to identify and prevent terrorist attacks. They also raised concerns that the FBI would use their new powers to monitor religious organizations or single out certain ethnic groups."

    My point is look at every potential piece of legislation through to lens of constitutionality. Here we have added freedom to investigate for the FBI that was never meant to target the mentioned groups, but can be with the change of an administration.
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    Like all tools, they can be misused. Hammers work equally well on nails and skulls.
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    Ghrit, I am having trouble refuting you. I want to somehow separate objects from legislation. In more ways than not, they are similar. Both are harmless until the wrong man is in charge of them. I guess the only way to separate them is to say that there are already laws against using a hammer for the wrong purpose, then again, there is already a constitution protecting our freedoms....... you've given me a headache ;)
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    Have aspirin, will travel. That said, you've elaborated a bit on exactly the point I was making. We have entirely too many tools, and other "tools" that are using them improperly. Examples:
    One of the tools of the carpenter is a hammer.
    One of the tools of the mathematician is statistics.
    One of the lawyer's tools is debate.
    In all cases, the ethical craftsman uses the tools properly. The unethical can use the tools in ways never intended, and that, ol' bud, is where the worm lies in the apple. We ARE on the same page. More rules (more tools) are placed so that unethical users have some guidance, and the more times they get caught off base, the more "guidance" they need. It sickens me that finding the loopholes allow the unethical to skirt intent.

    If the FBI is allowed more leeway than they already can steal, you can bet they will steal some more, and worse, the new rules MAY allow more skirting of the law than they currently do. Make no mistake here, I want them to be able to get into and derail any illegal activities that they can uncover using legitimate means. And, as always, it will depend on ethical use of the tools they are handed. That last is precisely the spectre raised by your OP quotation, and as well precisely the way zero is headed.
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