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    I hate to be the one to ring this bell but "convenience" living is one of the most detrimental aspects of modern life. Think about this.....40 years ago, would you ever have seen a 5 year old child still wearing diapers? Of course not. We rinsed and washed and folded cloth diapers so there was an incentive to get our children potty trained as soon as possible. 12 to 15 months was the norm. I just saw an add for disposable diapers for the 60 to 100 lb child. Other than cases of children with nightime bladder problems, this is an abomination.

    When I saw this ad, it led me to think about the detrimental effect of "convenience." Of course, being an old time feminist, I was one of the ones telling women they could "have it all." I was right but the part that I didn't know at the time was that you can have it all just not all at the same time. As women left the home for outside work, we needed as much time and labor saving convenience as possible. We got those but they came with a price - in dollars and cents. Now we've become prisoner to those very handy but expensive conveniences that we demanded as we had less time available to maintain our households and our families. The result of the high cost of convenience is that working is no longer the option we early feminist envisioned but now a necessity. Fewer and fewer families can exist on a one partner wage.

    How sad that the dream of having choices available to everyone, mainly women since we didn't put too much consideration into the options available to men, has turned into the shackles that limit our choices even more than they were through the 1970's and 1980's.

    Don't misunderstand, I still support a woman's right to choices but I am dismayed that we are once again in bondage.
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    Wow a diaper for 60-100 pounds!! I was impressed getting a week between diaper changes when the box said it was good for 12-16 pounds!! Still don't know why the wife was upset.

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    The 20 to 35 pounders always seemed to handle the load, with the addition of Duct Tape from time to time.
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    Duct tape !! The go to tool for all occasions! Seems I remember seeing a picture of a duct tape diaper...
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    My dear mother worked outside the home and it helped the income greatly. BUT--I remember when she worked in/on our home/farm. We planted, harvested, canned, dried everything. Wash day was just that--a day of drawing water by hand, building fires under the wash pots, hanging/draping clothes everywhere, then getting them in/folding/hanging. Mom cooked great meals/desserts plus doing all the other deeds Moms do. Things changed when she took a job in a hosiery factory nearby. Home life suffered but the weekends took on a nicer tone. Was so good to have the family together again even though the farm life work schedule kept us busy most of the time.
    Today feminism has taken on a militant facet that is repulsive. Love that equality in wages/ceilings/etc have been accomplished but I still like opening doors/etc. for ladies--but then there are those that I would like to slam doors for.
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    @-06 I agree with you. What is labeled as feminism today is not feminism.... It is a left wing make all men wrong rather than stand for equal rights. Some where along the line the feminatzis for got that 'different' doesn't mean not equal.

    I'm so sick of man bashing... I found myself raising my voice to some idiot 20 year old who had not thought things through and was merely mouthing what some professor had said
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    Even in the early years, male bashing was a common hobby. Even as an active participant in feminism, I remember thinking that the lives of most men were limited - they had no choice whether or not they would work away away from home. It was their job to be "responsible" for their less able dependents, the wife being one of those "dependents," a term that should apply only to children and those unable to care for themselves
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    The men can speak for themselves on this... If I'm off base let me know... I think that one of the things women don't get about men is how in grained being a protector and provider is in them. I'm not talking about social indoctrination.... IM talking about protecting what is theirs. Their families their children, their woman. Women protect and care for our families in a different way than men do. It's difficult to articulate this particular difference but it's there. Example... Women when we make a decision to marry it's about is the man a good provider and do we feel good about him.... Does he feel right.... Men typically have about 15 ore criteria that they considered before they ask a way to marry them. Feminists have labeled this 'the inability to commit' when the truth is a man is considering all the items on his list about the woman. Getting married and making a life time commitment and getting laid are two different things for men. For women they are almost the same thing. Out feminatzis think men should be like them. OK I'm done ranting
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    When we got married it was after a year of dating and a year of living together. We had worked out our few differences before marriage. We have no children so we had less to deal with and work out. After decades of marriage, when one is down the other takes up the torch. We've both been out of action a few times. Both of us have been provider, caregiver, dish washer, vacuumer, washer, cleaner, money manager, etc. at one time or another.

    Kelly has a coupla of strong sisters and a strong mother too. Strong is good. Dominating isn't. On either side.
    People ask sometimes about how we got along all these years. My standard reply is you don't both give 50 percent. You both give 100 percent.
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    I'd likely still be married were that idea followed back in the day. I add that one must fill in the blank when a blank needs filling. Didn't happen.
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    @Ganado I think that in youth, there is a biological imperative and some of what you say is probably true but as the pool ages, the priorities change, possibly more for women than for men. For men, the rule of inverse proportions seems to apply. In the end, we're all just sailors on the same sea of life with the occupant in the captain's seat changing in shifts
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    Dependents is a term that came into vogue after the Civil War and continued to be reinforced by the wars that followed. All who served can remember that phrase "Got any dependents?" time and again as they filled in the papers, along with "Who you gonna leave in charge?

    So wars and the need to take care of the families left behind has defined how we think about/off dependents to a degree.

    Male Bashing is still the norm in some work places, especially those professions that are staffed by professional women who are well educated and no longer see the need to think of a man as the provider of the family. Along with the loss of Church in the family we see a general decay in the American family. This has resulted in a near Cult in liberal educational systems and an increase of Lesbian recruiting activities in the secure inner sanctum were men are not allowed and the silence required to keep the hard won job continues to reinforce these activities. So again feminist have developed a system that now places women in bondage to other women just to keep their job and lifestyle. Same verse different gender roles. This does happen and has occurred in a local group which resulted in a major shake up and reorganization of that group. No you won't read about it, due to the "need" of the organization plus the "code of silence" of the perpetrators and their minions refusal to come forth and testify. Either way it is a sad loss of freedom and a poor way to spend a life and a hard earned education. Sexual harassment can come in many forms and most often silence is what continues to keep the ring leaders in power.

    One step forward, three steps back.

    I am happy to say that we played all roles at all need points and the percentage often ranged from 0 (sick, injured etc) to 100%.

    As I have stated before, that phrase in our marriage vows "Forsake all others" is the linchpin that all marriages should have first in their way of life, for life.
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    @HK I don't agree with the lesbianism domination comment.... I know many women in this category of 'stupid feminism' that are heterosexual.... And I get your point... Again equal but different is the goal. Feminism today is based on equal means same as me. An den and women are different... (thank God!)

    It takes real effort to think outside your own concerns and see something from someone else's view point.
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    Maybe you could explain that statement.
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    I was referring to this portion of your comments. And merely saying sexual orientation has nothing to do with domination.... Domination can happen independent of sexual or religious preference. No offense intended
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    No doubt, I wondered since I did not use the word domination.

    I did use Bondage>A state of subjection to a force, power, or influence.

    Which was the case as a way to bring all into the fold and to secure the secrecy required to keep their actions out of the public eye. Of course, even those who did not participate were breaking the public trust. Just as a group of Coaches knew homosexuality was going on between a coach and students recently in a university. To be silent in such cases has nothing to do with sexual orientation, it is a breaking of the trust we expect.
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    Ahhh now I understand
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    I personally don't believe that the male of the species is inherently the provider of the family and that has nothing to do with being educated or professional. If I believed that, I would have been trapped in a hopeless marriage or I would have settled for mediocrity in a partner just because I needed a provider and protector. BS! Just as John Adams discovered upon his return from absences that lasted years, Abigale proved herself to be a more able administrator of their farm than he. She didn't need him to conduct her life and her business but she did want him to share what they had together, just as he fervently wanted the same thing. They chose an alternate path
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    Ain't that the truth.
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