Cooking in the Outback

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    While many go hiking and enjoy the outdoors a long way from the road, I'm at the age where, to be honest, I enjoy my comfort, such as it is. So, while I've given up my RV (trailers) I still camp in a VW camper.

    This is a link to a fellow who does 'expeditions' in the Outback of OZ - and has some very good tips for those that cook away from home.

    This first link shows his cook/food storage trailer and he has some very good tips. ENjoy..

    more here

    Damper - AKA Ash cakes
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  2. DKR

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    Cooks chicken with light weight steel 'oven'
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    I loved Malcolm Douglas but he lost me when he pulled out an electric beater.... he is better than that.

    The proliferation of camper trailers and such here have really changed what it means to head bush and is just too much like "camping in the backyard at home" for my taste. Look they are great if you are on the road for months with a family but for me being in the bush is about something totally different. What I can't accomplish over a two burner gas cooker or with a cast iron camp oven is not worth it for me. You read up on what a stockman's camp cook used here and that is more my deal, only what they could carry on a horse. I certain carry more than that in my truck but all I need is tasty/hearty tucker !! My biggest concession was getting a gas fridge..
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  4. DKR

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    A basic outdoor kitchen with Dutch oven

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