Cool new survival products at Safecastle

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    Check-out All the Cool New Survival Products at Safecastle

    Paracord-wear, Grainmill bins, Escape Bivvies, Tomahawks, Machetes, Skeletools, SOG knives, Water drum heaters, Commando saws, Lockout tools, Hand-crank generators ...
    With all the recent sales activity in our storage food lines, we have failed to update you on our latest product additions at Safecastle. Some are really pretty cool. Check them out ... remember, all are discounted for buyers club members and ship free to the US mainland.

    I'll directly link just a few of these that are less than $50 for members:

    Paracord Bracelet
    Commando Hand Saw
    Dental Medic
    Lockout Slim Jim Tool
    Paracord Belt
    QuikClot Trauma Pak
    Stove in a Can
    SOL Escape Bivvy
    Bear Grylls Parang

    Browse the entire "Newest" and "On Sale" categories.

    And remember--we now match any MH dealers' official sale-period discounts while adding our incomparable club member rewards for Mountain House can purchases! Just let us know where you see a sale in progress and ask for our coupon code to get your matching discount/best deal!!
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