For Sale Coolest new product in our store in years: Carbon Fiber Bow/Arrow/Walking Stick kit

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    We just took delivery of a very small quantity of these kits from France as a test to see how fast they go and whether we should commit and stock up on them for the long term.

    Since we only have a few, we are limiting these initial sales to our buyers club members at a 10% discount.

    I can say right now that I am blown away by the quality of the product, especially at this bargain price. Carbon Fiber bow, arrows and walking stick--these are no toys. The bow is said to have the best power to weight ratio in the world. I believe it.

    If you are interested, move fast--we may be out before you know it. (If so, I would hope to have more in a few weeks.)

    Carbon Pygmy Bow/Arrows in a Walking Stick - Yshoot ARC Carbon Complete Kit

    See the listing and watch the videos ...

  2. JC Refuge

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    Check the specs in the linked listing.

    I bought one of these kits ... I am very impressed with it. Way more quality than I expected for the bargain price.

    31 inch arrows--carbon fiber. Two arrows per kit (that's what fits into the walking stick along with the bow). The standard metal tips are lethal.

    Once we place an order for the whole line, we'll be able to offer more arrows and optional bladed hunting tips, as well as other items. (We may also order some of their slingshots which can shoot arrows.)
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    Now it's out of stock...

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