Cop at wrong address kills dog

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Silversnake, Apr 18, 2012.

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    Outrage in Austin: Cop Shoots & Kills Dog

    Austin Texas cop shows up at the wrong address for a domestic disturbance call and kills this guy's blue heeler in his front yard for barking at him. The reported suspect was a 55 year old Hispanic, the guy with the dog was a 35ish white guy. There is video on the dash cam with part of it and audio for all of it, except when the supervisor shows up and they are whispering to keep it off the audio. The cop looks like he's on sterioids also.

    No apologies from the cop, just rightious indignation. A-hole.
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    Justice for Cisco! I think we should all roll with dog collars on in protest.
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    If Obama had a blue heeler, it would look just like Cisco.
  4. Tikka

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    Gestapo animals.
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  6. Quigley_Sharps

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    I watched the car video, and this idiot cop pulled his pistol as he was walking in front of the car. He had no idea what if anything, he was facing,yet drew a gun as his first response. Since when were LEO's taught to do that? (When I went thru police basic in 1972, we were taught going to the gun was the very last response, not the first. One was never to draw the gun except to save a life or in self defense.) The cop had a tazer, and didn't use it. He had the obviously unarmed owner frozen at gun point, and he couldn't restrain his dog, but that didn't stop the jerk from berating the owner for failing to control Cisco.

    This cop is a coward and jerk, and I'd hate to have to rely on him for backup. He'd be far worse then nothing at all. For that if nothing else he should be fired.

    Further, the local LEO's are failing to understand that the dead dog is just the symptom, not the main problem here. Intentionally or not, they violated a peaceful man's castle, and eliminated his first line of defense (in a BAD part of town I might add), and that is what has a lot of people upset with them, in addition to the cops jackass attitude. They have to stop acting like Gestapo.

    I also listened to the tape of the do-gooder calling the domestic in, and she was asked if "contact" had been made between the warring spouses, and she said no. So, knowing that it was a Hispanic couple, he put an obviously unarmed caucasian man at gun point and unnecessarily shot the dog.

    I've worked three years as a meter reader, and had to jump fences and cross all kinds of property, and most of it was guarded by dogs. I never had to kill one, and became friends with all of them except one big male Rotty. We had to get the owner to restrain him so we could read the meter. If I can do it why couldn't this fool?

    Further, I think this guy was looking to carve a notch on his gun and have a story. This dog was too small to have done more than give him stitches. It wasn't life or death.

    Acevedo should be ashamed for blaming a public outcry against injustice as mod mentality. I guess all free speech is mob mentality to the gestapo. fire the cowards and be done with it.
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  8. melbo

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    They must teach shooting dogs during week 1 at the academy now. Seems to be an SOP.
  9. TheEconomist

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    Police officers cannot have it both ways.They cannot talk, at salary-negotiation time, about how much policing has changed in recent years, about the complex issues officers must deal with today, about how they are trained professionals they cannot say all this and simultaneously oppose the growing movement to require today’s police officers to have college educations.
    Because the officers are right policing has changed. An officer must deal with complex inter-personal issues, myriad legal issues, technology issues. They need the kind of broad-based knowledge that comes with a college degree, preferably a full, four-year bachelor’s degree.
    Not that the world isn’t full of fools with college degrees. Or that there aren’t countless police officers out there who excel at their jobs with no higher education other than what they have learned on the street.
    But the exceptions do not disprove the rule: Modern policing is a complicated affair that requires brains as well as brawn. Every town should require its new officers to have bachelor’s degrees.
    If for no other reason than this: According to Lou Mayo, a former Secret Service agent who is the founder of the Police Association for College Education in Alexandria, Va., studies show that officers with college degrees are less likely to abuse their power than those who don’t have degrees. And that rings true, doesn’t it?
    But having said all this, we are not going to wade into the dispute in Absecon about whether to waive a bachelor’s-degree requirement for the chief’s position so that a 27-year veteran with an associate’s degree can get the job. Nor will we wade into the Egg Harbor Township dispute about waiving educational requirements for the captain’s job.
    The individuals involved in these specific cases may very well be the kind of men for whom an exception should be made or not. We simply don’t know.
    But we know this: The rule in every town should be to require new police hires to have college degrees. The job has changed as any cop will tell you. And it has changed in ways that require the kind of maturity, reasoning ability and understanding that is fostered by a college education.
    Towns that put new police officers without college education on the street are short-changing their citizens. - Police agencies find it hard to require degrees

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    Austin PD has so much competition that most of them do have at least some college. At times, I wonder if the old way of hiring the local Bad A$$ that shows some common sense is any worse than the modern peredigm of educated idiots and quotas. It wouldn't surprise me if this LEO turned out to be a quota.

  11. armysgt

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    we must bow to them

    As it has ever been, legalized murder is the handmaiden of governments.
  12. oldawg

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    All that said, this was not about education or even maturity.This is a case of an azzhole being a cop simply for the power over the "civilians" to satisfy his ego and more than a little greed I'd bet. This type of leo is often the dirty cop on the street.
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    As he is an insult to every LEO in the nation; I'd call him an animal.

    The training is supposed to weed them out and it usually does; however, some times it doesn't.
  14. Tracy

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  15. CAT-astrophic

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    This guy probably a bully in school and wanted to continue to feel "powerful" so he became a cop. People like him are the reason cops have such bad reputations. Abuse of power and all that.
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  16. BTPost

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    I asked my daughter, who lives in Austin, Tx. just what the Chatter on the local area has been on this case. She says there a LOT of folks are upset, especially about The Cop, trying to weasel out from under it FACTs of his actions, to the Lady Sargent, and later the Captain. He was WAY outside Policy, for that Department, due to him drawing his weapon, while still in CarCam View, and before seeing the Resident, OR THE Dog, on a Domestic Call where there was NO Weapon mentioned by the Dispatcher. The real question, that has yet to be determined is, if the Dispatcher gave an incorrect Address, OR the 911 Caller gave a Wrong Address. Depending on those FACTS more heads may Roll in this case.
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  17. Quigley_Sharps

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    Put the shoe on the other foot and Shoot a K9 dog, and see what that gets you and I....
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  18. chelloveck

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    Sending police into harms way has its risks and costs

    Sending police into harms way has its risks and costs...but are we prepared for the costs when they are presented for payment?

    Because we don't have visual imagery of the comes down to one person's word against another. It would be interesting to hear the testimony of independent witnesses to the event.

    Regardless of whether the despatcher or the police officer made the error in approaching the wrong address, given that it was a call to a domestic disturbance....the perceived risk level to the officer is probably going to be greater than for a task that is probably unlikely to get confrontational. It is understandable that his stance and inclination to escalate his reaction to threat is going to be highly and swiftly reactive.

    Officers of the law on a daily basis are placed in situations that can escalate rapidly from apparently benign to life threateningly deadly with little to no warning. When the adrenalin is pumping, and a perceived threat presents itself, and one is in fight and flight mode, the impulse is to protect self, usually at all costs. Hopefully a trained officer can differentiate between legitimate targets and non threats...but dogs don't carry guns or knives or base ball bats...and the perceived difference between a fast approaching barking dog that may not bite, is probably not that much different to a fast approaching, barking dog that will bite to someone who doesn't know its history....the owner may have a better idea of their dog's probable behaviour...but dogs have been known to act radically differently to usual and expected patterns of behaviour.

    Folk here and probably elsewhere are quick to judge on the basis of limited information...and criticise from an armchair...based on what they would or would not do, but they were not in HIS shoes at the time, and their opinions are moot. Whether he made some procedural errors is a matter of argument...which I am not competent to comment upon.

    I feel sorry for the cop...he was in a situation where he had to make a quick decision, and a dog died. I'm sorry for the owner whose dog was lost, unnecessarily because a cop appeared at the wrong address. I am sorry for the dog who lost his life, for doing what dogs do...defending his master and defending his turf. The outcome might have been different if any number of variables in the mix had have been different, but in the event, they were the variables in play on that day. Could the officer have handled things differently...quite probably, could things have been handled better...undoubtedly. The situation might have helped if the officer had have shown some compassion, but, under the circumstances, having just used deadly force, and coming to realise the consequences of having done so...I'm doubtful that he was in any position to offer some touchy feely grief counselling to the dog's owner.

    We are happy to send police officers into harm's way, and we are thankful and grateful when they come to save our bacon when we are in danger, but in doing so, there will always be risks...and sometimes things go badly this case..things went badly...fortunately the life that was lost was not that of a child or some other innocent. That is something to be thankful for, that it was not much much worse.
  19. BTPost

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    Chell. Just when, does a REAL Prep'er need someone else to "Save our Bacon"?.... That is the question, that needs to be asked here..... Maybe YOU do, but most of the folks, I know, do not Need, or Want, some one else to come "Save Our bacon"... We take care of ourselves, and our Families, all by ourselves. Maybe you speak of the "Sheeple", if that is the case, just say so.
    This officer was clearly intimidated by this call, in that he had his Weapon Drawn, long before he encountered an Person or Animal. This fact is clearly demonstrated, on the CarCam video. He shot the Dog, just a few seconds after asking the Resident to control his dog. He did not give the resident any time to comply with his instructions. These FACTS are clearly demonstrated on the CarCam video. There was NO MENTION of a Weapon involved in the Domestic 911 Call, OR in the Dispatchers Call to the Officer involved. so why was his Weapon in his Hand, before assessing the situation, or encountering anyone or anything.... This cop was operating WAY Beyond, his depth, and His Agencies Protocols, Period. then on top of that he can be heard on the Audio trying to JUSTIFY, his actions to the Resident and His Supervisor, when they were Way Beyond His Agencies Policy, by slanting the FACTS in his Reporting. He stated that "The Dog Jumped on Me" but the Dog actually never got with 10 ft of the Officer, and was shot at that Range. The Cop "Screwed UP" BIG TIME, and needs to ride a DESK, for the rest of his service, or get FIRED, because he clearly does NOT posses the REQUIRED Judgement to be a LEO. MY Opinion..... YMMV.....
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    Just doing his job...
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