Cops arm for war in the streets!

Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by worrbaron, Nov 6, 2007.

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    Gee, the assault weapons ban lapse has caused the homicide rate to climb dramatically because these weapons are more prolific now. Has absolutely nothing to do with the anti's repeatedly stating that assault weapons are capable of mowing down neighborhoods and shooting through schools, even idiots go "de de de, hey, lets get our hands on these things".
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    So, let me see if I have this straight. Police are allegedly being shot with FULLY automatic weapons, which are still illegal, because certain SEMI automatic weapons are legal again. I think I'm missing something. :mad:
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    Couldn't have a thing to do with all the violent drug gangs fighting for turff down in Florida could it ?

    Or all the illegals entering Florida like all the violent Cubans and whatever .

    So now instead of training to get the handun out and use it effectively they want to fumble around trying to get rifles out of racks or trunks when they should be returning fire at a threat .

    I don't care what anyone says at 25 yards or less I could bring up a pistol and engage the average yahoo B4 he could use a long range rifle effectively , unless of course he had already acquired me as a target .
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    Not to worry, I talked to a sherrif officer a couple days ago and he said that his department asked if anyone had any experience with an AR-15. If you said yes, meaning, you saw one in a picture or looked at one once, you got a four hour class. If you said no, you got an eight hour class. What do you think everyone said? Then when they went to the range, there were guys that didn't know how to even put a magazine in the weapon, let alone even load the mags! I feel safe now!
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    Well I live there and I can assure you that this report is super-hype. The reporter is a looser female that is on the local 'scare channel' i.e.: Faux News.

    Here is the deal. WPB has the most armed LEO’s in the South Fla area. Hell they even have a REAL tank not just a APV which they have three.

    Also they have NOT found a 'fully automatic" AK that I know of, or have reported in the media. This is basically all about one area of the county that all metro areas have. Yes, it is a black area, yes the xacans are moving in, and it is all about drugs.

    No law abiding person who works for a living has been affected yet. All the TVee hype is single mothers with dozens of kids hanging onto her legs whining about it isn't safe for the kids. Of course when her 13-year-old bashes in the head of another her reply is "but he is such a good boy".

    Also Palm Beach County has the highest concealed weapons permits per capita in the state. Over 500,000 permits for a pop of just under 1 million. We have 'fun shows' every month on sat and sunday. They process 60 persons a day in the CWC classes every day, and this has been going on for over 2 years now. An instructor friend says he has seen nothing like it ever.

    A dealer friend says that he brings 100-200 handguns a day to the fun show and usually sells 80% of them each day. AR's, AKS's SKS's are scarce and overpriced, still they disappear off the tables. Now these are CWC holders buying this stuff up, as there is a 5-day wait if you don't have one.

    In the area I live in we haven't seen a patrol car on the street for 3 years. No one ever reports a crime, and personally none of my neighbors have ever had a problem. Then again the 'bad guys' know that this area is not easy pickens. You commit a robbery out here and you are Gator Bait, or the 3-S rule applies.

    That article is scare hype. I suppose it will scare the yuppie metromale into voting for some liberal pol, and they will pander, and try to get some silly new law passed, but we ignore them as we expect the confrontation in the future anyway.

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    The only time I've seen people using these AR's are when cops use them against criminals, or citizens trying to defend them selves. Sure drug gangs use them, but that's because they leave the borders open. Must be bigger plans in store, huh? [own2]
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    Assault weapons have been used to kill eight people and wound 25 here over the last two years. Authorities estimate there are about 160 gangs who boast around 7000 members. (More people are killed by police tasers than are killed by 'assault' weapons on an annualized basis -- from the information in this article only. And I bet there are way more evil 'assault' weapons owned legally and the ones used to kill people are used illegally by felons who are already breaking the law by possessing an 'assault weapon'

    "They don't have .38s anymore. They have AK-47s. ...They have automatic weapons now," said Sgt. Pfeil. (How can they have fully automatic weapons in this quantity when the 1986 ban limited the supply....Chinese AK's...must be illegally smuggled into the country. Time to arm the entire populace with full auto so we can really protect ourselves.)

    So the Palm Beach Sheriff's office, like many others across the county, is training and arming everyone on the force with semiautomatic assault weapons. Many officers say it's about time. (The rise of the Gestapo. What's next, tanks?)
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    Our county is IIRC 960sq. miles and has about 38,000 residents. On average we have 2 deputies partoling at any given time. I'm not to worried about them having AR-15's. Just about everyone would still have them out gunned around here. [LMAO]

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    Yup! They have 2 Bradleys, 4 Duce and a half's, and a Tank. I'm not to savvy on the age or make but it has turret and tracks.

    They try to keep this stuff out of view. Friend (I've known for 20 years) repairs radiators for the county, and has seen them. Problem is they are idiots. I have been to a indoor range where some of the more JB's like to shoot and they are wanting, and need some better instruction. (my hope is that some greedy s o b doesn't give it to them)

    Remember the looters need them to stay in power, but do not want them to savvy as they may take power for themselves.

    Sure does keep the dolts in line though, and isn't that the whole purpose?

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