Cops Get Conned

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by BigO01, May 15, 2008.

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    In what has to be the most bizarre story I have ever heard related to LEO's almost an entire department has either been fired or resigned in Gerald Missouri including the Chief of police .

    It seems that for the last month or so they have had the help of of a DEA agent for whatever drug problems they have had .

    Now those problems pale in comparison to the new problems their new "Friend" has helped them create .

    It seems he managed to convince them to make warrant less drug raids on at least 3 homes and perhaps more and the citizens who were the victims made complaints to a local newspaper .

    A reporter did a little digging and now they have the Franklin County , and Missouri State Police investigating the Cops themselves .

    The DEA agent who claimed to have "Been on loan" to help them turns out to be a wonderfully skilled and perhaps disillusional Con Man who has never been with the DEA or any other Federal agency , nor does he even any Law Enforcement background at all including training .

    According to the news report almost the entire department has been fired or resigned over this and the mess is far from over as lawsuits will be flying everywhere soon .

    Kinda makes one wonder if the Supposedly fictional , lovable character of "Barney Fife" wasn't actually taken from a LEO's real life story .
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    And it gets worse , tonights news reported this guy is due in court in a wrongful death case hs is involved in where a child was killed .

    Then a man that they illegally arested in this mess was forced to post a $1,000 bond and the money is unaccounted for and a womans car that was confiscated is missing .

    Now the real Feds in the form of the FBI are getting involved .

    And the towns Police protection is down to only one original officer from the force .

    Bet that poor guy is getting run into the ground even if the state Highway Patrol lends a hand .

    Good thing they didn't shoot someone in one of those illegal raids Mr. Pretender led them on .
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    I heard this on the local news last night. :shock: The cops can't even figure out who's a con but they are going to protect you. [beat]

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    Half the laws are signed only by the executive in secret and classified.The constitution is flexible: merely a "G-D piece of paper held incontempt by our officials. What do we expect???
    Special agent Narcton of the DEA says"Thepres told us no warrant needed anymore! oh yeah that's okay now... we do it all the time in detroit..."
    The gold standard ( highest law in the land; has been withered)Nobody knows (can prove) whats' legal anymore though I don't recall God reclaiming our inherent rights.
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    Just goes to show how dumb they are! They got caught this time, but how many times did this happen in the past and no one ever found out about it?taser1

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    can you post a link to this story etc...
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    This reminds me of an episode on "The Andy Griffith Show" when the jewel thief was given the "key" to the city for a day. Ol' Don Knotts was a character on that show that has given me hours of enjoyment!!
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