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    Great cabin and things like this I would love to have. But, my first thought was... building inspectors. I know my local inspectors wouldn't even approve the plans. Sad, but in order to build something like this I thing one would have to live in a real relaxed state and county.
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    Perhaps a cordwood dwelling might not be so easy to get approved in, say, Manhattan (though I may be wrong about that), It is doubtful outside of some fascist HOAs, that using cordwood building methods for outbuildings, such as storage sheds, cabanas, garden landscaping, chicken coops, kennels, sauna house, tool shed, hot tub surrounds, potting shed, greenhouse, or folly and so forth would be problematic. Of course, in a post apocalyptic world, I doubt that former building inspectors and municipal building regulators will be doing much more than grubbing a living out of the ground themselves.

    For those interested in getting the necessary approvals in areas that have no direct experience of inspecting and approving of cordwood construction, a possible strategy might be to cite approvals and cordwood building standards from places that have signed off on building applications using that method of construction. Novel building methods and materials sometimes have difficulty with inspectors who are unfamiliar with them, but cordwood building is not exactly new....


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