Corporate Control of milk? This is ridiculous!

Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by Blackjack, Jan 31, 2007.

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    You think they don't infringe on our rights enough, check this out.

    Imagine, having to set up a corporation just to buy milk from your neighbor!

    In states where dairy regulations forbid consumers their constitutional right to purchase raw milk in stores or directly from farmers, consumers are entering into Cow Share or Farm Share agreements with the farmer.
    In a cow share agreement, consumers pay a farmer a fee for boarding their cow, (or share of a cow), caring for the cow and milking the cow. The cow share owner then obtains (but does not purchase) the milk from his own cow. This arrangement is similar to arrangements of owning a share in a racehorse or a bull.
    Some states, such as Wisconsin, actually forbid cow share agreements (which represents a further abridgement of our constitutional rights.) In these states, consumers and farmers have set up corporations in which consumers hold non-voting shares. This permits the consumer to obtain raw milk and other products from the farm in which he shares ownership. It is more difficult and more expensive to set up a farm-share program than a cow share program, but this arrangement has the advantage of providing the farmer with more protection.
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    The Bolt descision

    In the seventies, I think, Judge Bolt in Washington State, decreeded that Native Americans there were allocated 1/2 of the salmon catch. They could fish every other day and the 'non' natives could fish on the other days. Well, what was done was that the 'natives' sold a share of their boat to a 'non' natives and vice versa. Usually for $1 or so. Presto, everyone could fish every day, Both a native and 'non' owned the boat. It worked for us back then, so why not cow share too?[banghead] :D snowbyrd
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    This whole government regulated milk thing is such garbage.
    Forced ultra pasteurization from only one source? There is one place that government controls the food supply already.
    Its really bad here in Ontario, you can lose your farm for selling raw milk to anyone.
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    Lots of older folks laugh at not drinking raw milk...Maybe time to get those dog sized goats mentioned elsewhere...
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    Those that control the food control the people. We control our own food by planting what we want to eat. Growing ones own food is one way gaining more control over your own life. I was out of work for about 1 1/2 years at one time, my family and I never went to bed hungry. We didn't always like what was on our plate but when we layed down at night are bellies were full.

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    We don't own our food. The farmers lost their rights to their land long ago through government subsidizing...and what's more -the seeds are bought from the corporations -hybrid, infertile seeds. This means yes, food grows, but the farmer has to continualy buy more seeds. No plants produce fertile seeds from the corporate bought seeds.

    The government can immediately cut off all food growth from the US overnight.

    Thanks to FDR and his socialist cronies, the American Farmer has been reduced to a mere slave, unable to provide for his family as they see fit, and unable to grow what they want from their own reserves. Milk is no different. Of course cows are regulated! If you want to find out the how's and why's, then just search out the American Agriculture Movement. They have been fighting for decades to reclaim their sovereign rights that were stolen back in the 30's and 40's.
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    There are "heirloom" seeds; seeds from old lines of crops that are untampered with. they reproduce faithfully. I'll have to find a link, most seed catalogs I've seen have'em and there are "seed saver" cop-ops who trade seeds amongst each other. All is not lost. The waters just getting tepid...
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    How much ground did it take to feed you guys...???
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    I love whole buttermilk for cooking, baking, or just to drink. I used to buy it at any store but try that now and all you can find is low-fat cultured buttermilk. I mis Goldenflake with little lumps of butter floating around in it.
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    Doesn't this fall in the "If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything" category?

    To the US govt:

    Stay out of my gardens so I can grow my heirlooms so I don't have to apply for permissions and pay ludicrous fees for the 'privelege' of growing some questionable trademarked hybrid you've allowed Big Business to hoard the dna 'rights' on.

    Leave me alone when I'm growing my own poultry and hoofed beasties for the table.

    And don't even think about trying to dictate to me what food I should be eating, how I should eat it, when I should be eating it, and then try to fine me if it's not been properly IDed/registered/paperworked according to some nanny state jackass office seeking to control even this! Y'all have screwed up enough things already. Go away.
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    [applaud]"goaway"and be sure to close the gate on theway out ...

    Here Here...

    [winkthumb][flag](PSSST; Soylent green:... Its PEOPLE!!!!)_
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    Ya'll are disturbing...but funny as hell.
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    Funny we dont seem to overly disturb each other...[boozingbuddies]
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    Thats the most disturbingpart. lol
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    You also dont even have to go to the seed cataloguseto get the heirloom seeds. Just read the labelson theseeds at the hardware store or even at Walli world. There are still several variaties of heirloom vegies that are popular andcan be found all over the place every spring, its just that VERY few folks (me included most of the time, shame on me) dont bother with collecting and storeing the seeds for the next crop since it costs so little to just buy a few more packs the next spring and is eveneasier and for those of us that dont have a green thumb seems more productive to just buy the plants that are already started. A lot of the plants that I buy each year are heirlooms and if I collected the seed, savedthem andreplanted them would never have to be bought again, but its one of those things where Im still guilty of takeing the easy way out, especialy since I can get by and make some food produce but would by no means say I exactly have a green thumb.
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    One thing that most people don't think about when planting your garden is that things will cross polinate and you won't have the same types the following year. To make it easy on our selfs we don't grow anything that will cross with each other. Then we don't have to cage any plants to keep them from crossing. The one exception is corn we grow a popcorn and a sweet corn. The popcorn is a sorter seasson crop than the sweet corn, so we plant the popcorn 3-4 weeks before the sweet corn. By doing that the popcorn is way past it's polinating stage when the sweet corn is ready to be polinated.

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    Re: Corporate Control

    Well if you raise your own dairy (<--which isn't very hard at all), collect your own seed for your garden (<-you don't have to buy any)& if you make use of your BRAIN learning about "WHAT TO EAT FROM THE WILDS" (<--FREE source of healthful foods )you will be just fine! :)

    It's AMAZING how people just "GO WITH THE PROGRAM" and allow themselves to be lead around by the governmental collar/leash...

    As for MILK,
    there's an INCREDIBALE BOOK on THE HISTORY OF MILK called:
    THE UNTOLD STORY OF MILK By author Ron Schmid ND

    It's explains it since the very beginning/all through the years,
    & why things are as they currently are...

    Or you can go here for more info./sources


    P.S- Sometimes I think that "INFERIOR FOODS ARE PURPOSELY MADE,
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