"Cottage Economy", a new / olde book worth consideration

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    “Cottage Economy” by William Cobbett is the founding bible of self-sufficiency from way back in the 1820s. Reread this old story still relevant today on the notion that once upon a time, people knew a better way of doing things that should not be forgotten.
    Cover Courtesy Chelsea Green Publishing

    Read more: http://www.motherearthnews.com/modern-homesteading/brewing-beer-at-home-zeez1302zsch.aspx#ixzz2MxoPmxIN
    First published in the 1820s, Cottage Economy (Chelsea Green Publishing, 2000) by William Cobbett was written with the aim of instructing country laborers in the arts of “brewing beer, making bread, keeping cows, pigs, bees, poultry and others” and promoting his personal philosophy of self-sufficiency, which he viewed as the foundation of family happiness. Written with Cobbett’s typical wit — and bulldog curmudgeonliness — it deserves its reputation as the founding bible of self-sufficiency and one of the greatest rural reads of the English language. Stay tuned as we dust off this classic and post, chapter by chapter, the entire Cottage Economy online.
    available at Amazon ... Cottage Economy: William Cobbett: 9781602068094: Amazon.com: Books
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