Could Antidotes cure poison in an instant with no side-effects?

Discussion in 'Survival Medicine' started by survivalmonkey, Nov 29, 2012.

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    Back on Monday of this week I was watching Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.

    In the early scenes of the movie, Indie drank wine that was actually poisoned. After a fierce fight to get the antidote, when Indie drinks it suddenly he is cured and back to normal.

    An even more amusing fact is that the fight that preceded drinking the antidote, Indie was very dazed and his motor skills were obviously impaired. However after drinking the antidote, his motor skills came back 100%.

    IRL what would happen? Would one still have to rest after drinking antidote for poison just like for illnesses?
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    it's a movie...anything taken orally has an onset of 20 minutes. Things are absorbed quicker though mucous membranes ( bucally ) or per rectum. Then intramuscularly and finally intervenously. so that's it in order of slow to fast.
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    I am sooo glad the fastest way isn't through the rectum. [grlft]
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    Kids die from alcohol poisoning through the rectum, before they get too drunk to drink. They can absorb a deadly amount before they know they are in trouble. Had a local death not long ago...
    I remember guys "potting" when i was in college. alcohol absorbed through their skin, by soaking hands or feet in a pot. Got you drunk, long buzz, and no hangover, but ran the same risk of overdoing it, and building up too much.
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    Make me think about the importance of activated charcoal. I bet a lot of preppers don't have this valuable carbon in their preps. Many charcoal has so many beneficial usages.
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