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Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by BAT1, Jan 9, 2010.

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    My first response is to just ignore this post. I don't know you. So I will say just this much... yes I think it is possible. Probable, I hope not. Go read the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Federalist Papers. I have. Read all you can on our countries struggle for independence from Jolly olde England. Then just stop and think for a second, and ask yourself what would be the right thing to do and when? Most any animal will fight when cornered and outnumbered and most likely to die anyway. Why should a human be any different. The difference is that I am an intelligent thinking animal able to reason out, when to retreat and hide, and when and where and who to strike out at for the greatest effect. Now answer your own question, I have no intention of stepping across the line and making any statements that could be construed to imprison me. [flag]
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    I understand completely. Thanks for your guarded input.
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    "Lest you and others forget, there are 80+ million gun owners in the US and if only 1 in 10 would put up a fight we would still outnumber most armies in the world. The American people might be sheep, but there are a couple million sheep dogs with mighty sharp teeth out here.
    And the wolves will learn as we’ve shown before, that we love our sheep, we dogs of war!!!"
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    I read once that during the First American Revolution (considering we are approaching the need for The Second...) that only some 25% of citizens supported the Revolution, with less doing the actual fighting. Another 25% were siding with the English. The remainder just stood back and wanted to just ignore it all, keep the status quo.

    I expect something similar the next time arund. :rolleyes:
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    I'll see what my intel man has.......May be something, may be not.....
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    Quite right.

    I trust that we have enough of our own firepower to get the job done, but in the major cities there will be problems. One thing we do know for certain is that the crusade for global governance is a slow and steady one which does not give up course. We also know that if the People wait too long, the odds get stacked against them. We are not going to be up against troops alone; we will be fighting our neighbors and untold numbers of gangs (illegals especially) who will take advantage of the situation. Then we have the Anarchists, the state militias, and other private groups (some which are funded and controlled by quasi-gov't lease) which will undoubtedly stir the proverbial pot.

    But, like SC says, about 80 million gun owners. Something will be done about that early on. We will resist, of course. But will it be enough? Let's hope.
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    I only hope and pray that when the balloon does go up, that all foreign nations that might want to come over here are deep in their own pot of kimchi, and dealing with their own popular uprisings. An invasion is the LAST thing we need.
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    Actually Overbore, his views are actually both an oberservation and a warning. I totally agree with him 100%, I also liked his ideas of the states having their own gold and siver coinage to replace the fiat "Greenbacks", but the only problem with that is that most states are "technically" insolvent as .fedgov is.
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    Excellent read.
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    Very long read, but worth it!
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    Roger on your comments; please spread the info. The Nation we save is our own; not the socialist utopia of Sorros.

    Laus Deo


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