could you do the following thing with solar power

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    Here is a question for someone that someone asked me about and i wonder if it can be done .

    Charge the battie bank with the a 24 volt solar system set up and use both 12.volt and 120 volt electrical appliances on a 24 volt battery bank .I think you can do it but the invertor would have to be design to step down the power from the battery system and run the items through the invertor .I know there are some thing's that need's to be run on special invertor system design to do that .

    It a question i hope to answer the person on the question .
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    Yes, there is technology that can do that with little issue. We use them in the Marine Radio Field to Power 12 Vdc Systems from 24-48 Vdc Power Systems on Vessels. Google NUMAR Industries, they build a whole line of these wonderful Boxes, called DC/DC Converters. I have one at my Beach Cabin that runs off the same 24Vdc Battery Bank that feeds my Trace 2624SB Inverter/Charger. The Numar is good for 25 Amps Output, and it runs the Radios, my Three way Fridge Control System, and 12 Vdc Backup Lighting, and charges a Group12 Battery that sits on the 12Vdc Buss. Mine is set up to Float the Battery Voltage at 13.4 Vdc, and keeps the Battery, at full Float Charge with ease. The technology inside is a Switching Power Supply and they are usually above 80% efficient. ..... YMMV....
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    thank's bruce for the info about solar system .I was asked the question i did not know if could be done
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