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Discussion in 'Financial Cents' started by Jonas Parker, Dec 28, 2009.

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    I recently purchased 4 $100 face value bags of junk silver quarters from APMEX. When I was putting the coins in tubes I found that each bag was short at least 1 coin and one bag was short 6 coins. Total for the 4 bags was a shortage of 12 coins or .75%, or in melt value about $36.00. I talked to APMEX today and while they are sending me 12 coins to replace those missing, they didn't seem to think it was very important to notify their other customers that there was a possible problem in their shipment.
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    I recently took in a partial shipment of supplies, and found it was of Course, made in (where else?) China.
    Each box was "alledgedly" to contain 12 items, and there were 50 boxes...
    Not one of those boxes had 12 in it.
    I found they were off count by 1 or 2 items in each.
    I contacted the supplier and asked if there was a way I could get what I paid for, in advance....
    No answer yet.
    That was 6 weeks ago!
    At the local convenience store.....
    They are NO longer accepting ANY rolled coins.
    Seems someone has figured out a way to "roll" quarters with pennies glued in between the quarters and pawn them off as full rolls!
    Bnaks here have gotten wise, and use a scales to weigh the rolls!
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    Glued pennys: Ingenious...just adds to my negativity about our future....
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