Country/Southern Women

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    LOL! @BTPost just found his summer project.

    LOL! sorry but............ umh........ well never mind. FYI LW88 gun ranges are a good place to meet like minded people. Instead of hanging out here with Kellory all day, go to the local range plus take a class or two offered by the local range. You will meet women.
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    Don't know what part of the south you landed in LW88 but my part of the south is chock full of the best women. Body styles and personalities to suit any desire. Skills galore. But they do pretty much prefer squirrels to be in a skillet. Get off the 'puter and get out there. Give them time to decide if you're legit and your style fits their wants (or not)
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  4. kellory

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    Or enroll at your local College in a remedial English course. Perhaps you'll find your lady there.
    "Fear mongering" is selling, or instilling feel in others. It has absolutely nothing to do with weather or not someone will meet with you. Calling someone who refuses you a fear mongering is similar to calling a parent watching his kids at a playground a " potential pedophile". The words already have meanings. You do not get to invent your own meanings.
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    I have fond memories of the ladies in NC, SC and GA.... they were very available and plentiful. But they did not like bullshit.... nor weak knee'd men!! Coming from the mountain states.... I had a thing for that lovely southern drawl, from the moment my 18 year old ears heard them when I walked off the plane... on my way to boot camp many moons ago. Still makes me smile, thinking about them hot summer nights down in Myrtle Beach, SC.....!!! Ahhhh to be young again!!!!!
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    Although I doubt many women here fall into that description. However, if it is her choice; it is none of our business.

    If you want a date, go find one.
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    like I tell my son the more you ask out the better your chances only a few awnsers you can get yes no and hell no
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    In NC, in the cities there are a lot of people from other areas. Many of them, male or female, are quite liberal and anti-gun.
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    I gave up kellory. I have no interest in meeting you and forming a friendship. Meeting like minded individuals, should not be as hard as you make it....especially knowing my past experience and how many people Ive met, from various online sources, including facebook and now have at least a few acquaintanceships. None of my current or former acquaintances or friends denied meeting. Hell, a few women even thought of me as a brother and felt safe around me. One cannot simply rightfully prematurely judge another without meeting them. None of my meetings have ever had any issue or conflict. So I will simply say you keep on not giving new people a chance and possibly lose out on a good comrade....good luck in SHTF with your mindset, kellory.

    Yeah, yard dart. I once dated the owner of this lovely voice.

    Francesa Foster
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    Go to camp Lejeune there's a whole lot of WM that's into shooting camping and survival and have been taught to shoot by the best.



    images (3).

    images (4).


    images (5).
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    North Carolina is crawling with women.
    1) Join a church. They're not as bad as you think
    2) Join a group. Sierra Club, Tall Club, Mensa, Ski Club, Scuba Club, Dine-Arounders, Contra-Dancing
    3) Start taking night classes at the local Community College. Pick classes that emphasize student/student interaction

    Try to come off as quiet and thoughtful and a little shy. Don't be loud, opinionated, and whatever you do don't come off as a horny neophyte. A neophyte is okay, but a horny one brings up visions of a yappy poodle humping their leg. When you get into a conversation with a woman, say as little as you can about yourself and ask questions about her instead. Don't come off snoopy, but interested. Women want to talk about themselves, and will fill in the gaps of their knowledge about you with positive things if they have a positive overall impression.

    Be willing to date outside your age group. There's nothing more fun than a lusty divorcee that knows what she wants.
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  12. kellory

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    No means no. You will do better with the ladies if you learn this, as well.
  13. lonewolf88

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    Theres one issue about an unauthorized person entering military bases and installations, Bishop. Be it Cherrypoint, Fort Bragg or the one you mentioned. This sign. thXYFI5Y60.

    Rather difficult to enter a base knowing the risk of being shot with steel core rounds, any round at all or being arrested.

    A lady has a reason to say no in certain situations. A man, well...I refer you to the little boy in the below video at 4.42. A real man is supposed to be brave, bold, courageous and a defender, a provider and a protector. Our disagreement and mild issue, does not apply to this thread at all. Two entirely different styles of approach. I didn't see the guy at burger king with the Taurus Judge on his side nor the two men at Mcdonalds with handguns freaking out while talking to me and yes, they never met me before.

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    I think the poster was suggesting you might want to visit restaurants, churches, and other social venues AROUND Camp LeJeune-- not try to sneak into the base.

    . . .oh, and another thing: You might want to drop the idea of being a "lonewolf" if you're seriously thinking about hooking up with a female. LoneWolf monikers conjure up a guy in the bushes with a chloroform-soaked rag. You may be into that. I'm not going to be judgemental. I'm just saying that it has a negative connotation.

    "Honey? What's that shovel and the tarp doing in the back seat?"

    "Nevermind! That comes later in the date."
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    @shaman [lolol][lolol]nice posts!!!!! YOur posts made me laugh. It made this thread interesting again. @kellory we gonna start calling you sniper!!!
  16. kellory

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    It would not be the first time.
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    It would be nice if you could take a hint ;)
  18. Bishop

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    The woman come off base also lol he'll some of them would merry you so they could make more money.
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    When I read your post, I really thought you were joking but it appears as though I was merely hopeful. I have to tell you that I'm not a Southern Belle, just a tough old broad who thinks that if you haven't found the type of woman you describe, it's probably because thay ran in the opposite direction when you opened your mouth. Any real woman, and southern women are tough, would chew you up and spit you out before breakfast. I've know a lot of boys that spout the same thing you do and my inclination is to tell them to put on their big boy pants and act like a real man. That's the only way to attract a real woman.
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    If a woman runs away, then she isn't truly country. 10 Reasons Why You Should Date a Girl Who Knows How to Shoot

    What does a true country woman have to fear? She was raised to be tough and resilient. She wasn't raised to be a victim nor scare easily. She was brought up around arms, mainly knives and firearms. Like I said before, it takes ALOT more than just an accent to be country. Many in this county that Ive talked to have the accent, but few actually hunt or fish. So maybe it is more of an issue of not being in the right county of a southern state. I would not have started this thread if a tough woman wasn't what I wanted.
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