County Judge in Lubbock, Texas, predicts possible "civil war" if President Obama is re-elected.

Discussion in 'Freedom and Liberty' started by HK_User, Aug 22, 2012.

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    Heck, I am not so sure we aren't in for one either way. The flip side is Obama Loses, and we have a major Black Backlash. Big Dadday Mac Obummer gone from Washington DC, and major changes in all the welfare handouts. Bleak slow recovery economy .... Actual enforcement of Laws on an equal racial footing. OMG, how can we expect the inner city and the New Black Panthers not to scream for Bloodshead?
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    Let them scream.
  4. BTPost

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    Not likely I will hear them, no matter how loud they scream........
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    TacMotUSN has an interesting point on the possibility of it being a case of "Damned if we do; and damned if we don't".......
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    Don't get me wrong folks, even though I live here in the deep south, I do not fear a black backlash for my personal well being. I think it would be a sad day indeed for those innocents who would be slaughtered because of the color of their skin due to the actions of the ignorant and radical who start the brewhaha. Ethnic and Religious genocide always kills more innocents than radical troublemakers and instigators. I will not participate in an offensive manner, but will vigorously protect me and mine. If people of questionable intent enter my AO and ignore warning signs or appear to be armed and or acting in a agressive manner, all bets on civility are off.
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    About the same here.

    Many seem to forget that armed combatants, what ever their race, creed or color can be found anywhere.

    Others minding their own business will be easy to see.

    As for the scream, the total state of utter confusion or disorder or total lack of organization or order will reduce the transportaion infastructure of any nation or area to a shambles.

    Even the far north will require a continued source of supplies, be it medical, spare parts or fuel. Those in doubt should seek information about the why and where the native population went or why the indigenous people now require aid for their lights and heat.
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    Meh, bring it. The Mayans already took out Dick Clark so there won't be a new year anyway.
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